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For over 20 years, TMI has provided educational professionals across the globe a collegial forum to:

  • exchange, innovate and create best practices;
  • share their pedagogical talents, wisdom and consultative support; and
  • no-cost full service operational solution to promote, market and administer their professional learning offerings - live/in-person, live/virtual and on-demand, through the TMI Anytime! LMS.

As evidenced below, our TMI Artists come from nearly every corner of the world and have worked within all levels of public and private education. Please take a moment to pursue the very impressive bios and offerings of each of our talented professional learning Artists and entrepreneurs!

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Brianne Annitti
Brianne Annitti, Gravity Goldberg, LLC-TMI Education Literacy Alliance Consultant. Brianne is an enthusiastic educator who is passionate about her love for literacy. With a strong… (Read Bio)
John Arthur
instagram | twitter
John Arthur is the 2021 Utah Teacher of the Year and was a Finalist for National Teacher of the Year. He teaches 6th grade at Meadowlark Elementary in Salt Lake City, and he is… (Read Bio)
Jacqueline Arturi
For the last 24 years, Jackie has worked in education. Jackie taught as a classroom teacher, worked as an instructional coach helping teachers to perfect their practices in the… (Read Bio)
Chris Aviles
instagram | twitter
Chris Aviles is a teacher at Knollwood middle school in Fair Haven, New Jersey. There he runs the renowned Fair Haven Innovates program he created in 2015. Part of his FH… (Read Bio)
George Barcenas
George Barcenas is the Technology Coordinator/CTE for Bellevue Union School District. A Certified Google Trainer, Educator and Apple Certified Teacher. Trained as a PE teacher he… (Read Bio)
Dr. Brandon Beck
instagram | twitter
Dr. Brandon Beck is a National Board Certified educator, speaker, coach, consultant, and author of “Unlocking Unlimited Potential: Understanding the Infinite Power Within to Guide… (Read Bio)
Owen Bondono
Owen Bondono (pronouns: he/they) teaches 9th grade ELA at Oak Park High School in Oak Park, Michigan. He is the 2020-2021 Michigan Teacher of the Year. As an educator, his goal is… (Read Bio)
Wiley Brazier, V
instagram | twitter
Mr. Brazier is an award winning veteran Educator who has served as a Science Teacher, Secondary Principal and Central Office Administrator for district and state agencies. He is a… (Read Bio)
Patricia Brown
instagram | twitter
"Patricia J. Brown, known as “MsEdtechie”, is the owner of MsEdtechie Consultants LLC. An equity-minded innovative educator with a passionate commitment to student growth and… (Read Bio)
Michelle Bulla
Michelle Bulla is Gravity Goldberg, LLC-TMI Education Literacy Alliance Associate.
Steve Bunce
Steve is an experienced teacher educator, senior leader and lecturer. He is an Apple Professional Learning Specialist, Google Innovator and Microsoft Master Trainer. Currently,… (Read Bio)
Dave Burgess
instagram | twitter
"Dave Burgess is the New York Times Best-Selling author of Teach Like a PIRATE, co-author of P is for PIRATE, and the president of Dave Burgess Consulting, Inc. which… (Read Bio)
Dr. Monica Burns
instagram | twitter
Dr. Monica Burns is a Curriculum and EdTech Consultant, Author and Founder of, and host of the Easy EdTech Podcast. She works with schools, districts, and… (Read Bio)
Nicole Butler-Hooton
instagram | twitter
"Nicole Butler-Hooton is a has taught 2nd grade for 15 years at Irving Elementary in the Bethel School District in Eugene, Oregon. She was recently awarded the honor and… (Read Bio)
Bobby Carlton
instagram | twitter
"Bobby Carlton is the Director of Immersive Learning for Ready Learner One LLC. Bobby Carlton is the Director of Immersive Learning for Ready Learner One LLC. He studied… (Read Bio)
June Chang
June Chang is a lifelong educator, retired Superintendent, consultant, and motivational speaker. He is currently Manager of Strategic Partnerships for Anaconda, Inc., where he… (Read Bio)
Holly Clark
instagram | twitter
Holly is an education thought-leader, international speaker, best selling author and an advocate for students. She is a twenty-plus year educator who has spent over 15 years… (Read Bio)
Dana Clark
Dana Clark, Gravity Goldberg, LLC-TMI Education Literacy Alliance K-12 Literacy Specialist/Consultant. Dana was a former teacher and coach with close to two decades of experience… (Read Bio)
Michael Cohen
instagram | twitter
Michael Cohen, The Tech Rabbi, is a designer, educator and creativity instigator. His mission is to help educators around the world reveal their own creative abilities so they can… (Read Bio)
Anthony Coy-Gonzalez
Anthony Coy-Gonzalez is a teacher at the Ohio School for the Deaf and the 2021 Ohio Teacher of the Year. He is passionate about hands-on learning and making an impression on… (Read Bio)
Jennifer Cronk
Jennifer Cronk is the Director of Information and Technology for the Newburgh Enlarged City School District. She currently oversees and strategically launches innovative… (Read Bio)
Christy Curran
Christy Curran is a Grade K-12 Literacy Alliance Specialist/Consultant. Christy began her teaching career in Pinellas County Florida’s public school system. She taught for nine… (Read Bio)
Eric Curts
instagram | twitter
Eric has been in education for 29 years, and currently serves as a Technology Integration Specialist for SPARCC in North Canton, Ohio where he oversees Google for Education… (Read Bio)
Allison Cyr
My name is Allison Cyr and I am 32 years old. After high school I attended University of Redlands where I earned my BA in Sociology/Anthropology and my teaching credential. While… (Read Bio)
Faye Ellis
Faye Ellis has worked in the education sector for 13 years, leading digital education programmes and STEAM strategy at the British Museum and in London schools. Faye is an Apple… (Read Bio)
Sarah Fiedeldey
Sarah Fiedeldey is a Gravity Goldberg, LLC-TMI Education Literacy Alliance Grade K-12 Literacy Specialist/Consultant. Sarah is a dynamic educator with a decade of experience as a… (Read Bio)
Dr. Heather Frank
Dr. Heather Frank, Gravity Goldberg, LLC-TMI Education Literacy Alliance Grade K-12 Literacy Specialist/Consultant. Dr. Frank is a former elementary school teacher with 15 years… (Read Bio)
Dr. James Gamble
Dr. Jim Gamble is a passionate educator with over 50 years of experience. Dr. Jim is a former teacher, principal, superintendent, and adjunct professor. He has also served as… (Read Bio)
Lachanda Garrison
"Lachanda Garrison is a 2nd grade teacher leader at Bahrain Elementary School in Manama, Bahrain. Lachanda believes weaving her students’ stories and identities into lessons… (Read Bio)
Jen Giffen
instagram | twitter
Jen Giffen is a Teacher Librarian and former Digital Literacy Consultant from Ontario, Canada. She has her M.Ed, is a Google Innovator (#WDC17), Microsoft Innovative Educator (MIE… (Read Bio)
Dr. Gravity Goldberg
"Gravity is an educational consultant, author, founder of Gravity Goldberg, LLC, and Co-Founder of the Literacy Alliance, along with her Co-Founder, Dr. Brian P. Chinni, CEO/… (Read Bio)
Daniel Gosselink
Daniel Gosselink is a TMI Associate and EP Educators Lead Instructor. Teacher and Professional Development Presenter. Teaching interests center around utilizing the humanities to… (Read Bio)
Amanda Hargreaves
instagram | twitter
Amanda Hargreaves is the 2021 South Dakota Teacher of the Year. She currently teaches 6th grade Science and English at Mitchell Middle School. Amanda builds strong relationships… (Read Bio)
Ben Hayden
Ben works as a class teacher and Computing and Digital Learning lead in the North East of England. He has developed a definite interest in the ways in which technology can be used… (Read Bio)
Jeffery Heil
instagram | twitter
Jeffery has been an educator for 25 years. He has served as a classroom teacher, an instructional technology coach, an adjunct professor of education, and a Google in Education… (Read Bio)
Lisa Highfill
instagram | twitter
Lisa Highfill describes herself as a thinker, philosopher, debater, and geek. She was a classroom teacher for over twenty years, and is currently Pleasanton Unified School… (Read Bio)
Andrew Jackson
"Andrew Jackson is a fourth-grade teacher at Eden Elementary in Pell City, Alabama, with special education and general education experience. As a first-year teacher, he… (Read Bio)
Sandra L. Jacques, Esq
Sandra L. Jacques, Esq., LL.M., NJPSA/FEA/LEGAL ONE Supervisor of Legal Research & Content Development. Sandra is the Supervisor of Legal Research and Content Development for… (Read Bio)
Scott Jamieson
Scott Jamieson has spent 17 years as a teacher and administrator in international schools primarily in the Middle East and China. He holds Masters degrees in Education,… (Read Bio)
Carla Jefferson
instagram |
Carla Jefferson (@mrsjeff2u) is the director of the Darlington County Virtual Academy. A 24 year veteran educator, Carla has been a classroom teacher, curriculum facilitator, a… (Read Bio)
Pamela Koutrakos
"Pamela Koutrakos, Gravity Goldberg, LLC-TMI Education Literacy Alliance Grade K-12 Literacy Specialist/Consultant. Pam is an experienced and enthusiastic educator who… (Read Bio)
Alison Kriel
Alison Kriel was an Executive Head Teacher with a demonstrated history of high attainment taking her inner city schools to the 0.1% of all schools. She has a passion for change… (Read Bio)
Jonathan Lancaster
“Jonathan is currently a Lead Teacher and teacher of Social Studies at Bergen County Technical High School. He is the author of “The Teaching Mirror: Lessons Learned as a First-… (Read Bio)
Dr. Margy Leininger
Margy’s broad experience in instruction, curriculum, and early childhood education spans several decades. Margy earned her bachelor’s degree from San Diego State University. After… (Read Bio)
Valerie Lewis
instagram | twitter
"“Valerie is an administrator whose belief is that critical learning possibilities should be activated NOW in order to prepare students for skills that will make them future… (Read Bio)
Christine Lion-Bailey
instagram | twitter
Christine Lion-Bailey is the Chief Strategy Officer/Founder of Ready Learner One, LLC, a company that specializes in innovative solutions for learning and training both in… (Read Bio)
Dr. Beatrice Lopez
Jesse Lubinsky
instagram | twitter
Jesse Lubinsky is currently the Chief Learning Officer of Ready Learner One LLC and has nearly 20 years of public school experience as a teacher and administrator . He is co-… (Read Bio)
Georgie Marley
Georgie Marley, Gravity Goldberg, LLC-TMI Education Literacy Alliance Grade K-12 Literacy Specialist/Consultant. Georgie is a graduate of The Australian National University and… (Read Bio)
Tara Martin
instagram | twitter
"Tara Martin is an enthusiastic educator, speaker, and author who thrives on change and refuses to settle for the status quo. She has served as a classroom teacher, an… (Read Bio)
Sharon McCarthy
mastodon | twitter
Currently, Ms. McCarthy, SEL evangelist, is President of ENVISION: Breakthroughs in Learning, a consulting firm she founded in 2000. ENVISION specializes in all areas of human… (Read Bio)
Jake Miller
instagram | twitter
Jake Miller is an edtech and learning enthusiast who hosts the Educational Duct Tape podcast and shares #EduGIFs at @JakeMillerTech and on He works as a science… (Read Bio)
Matthew Morone
Matthew Morone is a Gravity Goldberg, LLC-TMI Education Literacy Alliance Secondary Level Specialist and Lead Consultant
Gerardo Muñoz
instagram | twitter
Gerardo A. Muñoz is the 2021 Colorado Teacher of the Year, Producer and co-host of the podcast Too Dope Teachers and a Mic, and a doctoral student at the University of Denver. He… (Read Bio)
Dr. Matthew Murphy
Dr. Matthew Murphy has proudly served as Superintendent of the Ramsey Public Schools since 2012, and brings broad educational experience to the role. He began his career in… (Read Bio)
David Nash, Esq.
David Nash, Esq., NJPSA/FEA Director of Legal Education and National Outreach; Mr. Nash currently serves as Director of Legal Education and National Outreach for the Foundation… (Read Bio)
Rich Panicucci
Rich is TMI Education SVP of Strategic Planning. He is Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum and Instruction for the Bergen County Technical Schools and Special Services. Over… (Read Bio)
Donnie Piercey
instagram | twitter
"The 2021 Kentucky Teacher of the Year, Donnie teaches fifth grade Lexington, Kentucky. After graduating from Asbury College and earning his master’s from Auburn, he has been… (Read Bio)
Rachelle Dené Poth
instagram | twitter
Rachelle Dené Poth is an edtech consultant, presenter, attorney, author, and teacher. Rachelle teaches Spanish and STEAM: What’s nExT in Emerging Technology at Riverview High… (Read Bio)
Nicholas Provenzano
instagram | twitter
"Nicholas Provenzano is the Technology Coordinator and Makerspace Director at University Liggett School in Michigan. He is also an author, makerspace builder, international… (Read Bio)
Dr. Melissa Quackenbush
Dr. Quackenbush is President, Engage Momentum, LLC and a TMI Education Lead Consultant, Coach, and Instructional Design Specialist. She is a learning and development expert.… (Read Bio)
Dr. Natasha Rachell
instagram | twitter
"Dr. Natasha Rachell, a passionate educator, is an alternatively certified high school science teacher turned edtech enthusiast, currently serving as a Digital Learning… (Read Bio)
Kristi Reinke
Kristi Reinke is a middle school social studies teacher that is inspired to enhance professional learning through giving her students classroom experiences in and out of her… (Read Bio)
Susan Richardson
"Susan Richardson (NBCT) fell in love with languages during her undergraduate studies at Carthage College in Kenosha. After living and teaching ESL/EFL in Germany for 8 years… (Read Bio)
Nathalie Roy
Nathalie Roy teaches Latin, Roman Technology, and Classical Myth Makers to middle school students in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Her courses focus on integrating STEM and STEAM into… (Read Bio)
Lily Howard Scott
Lily Howard Scott is an educator who is deeply committed to weaving social and emotional learning (SEL) throughout all areas of literacy curricula. She received her MS.Ed in… (Read Bio)
Daniel Sharpe
Dan joined ViewSonic in 2019 as a PD Trainer to support schools in adoption of new technologies. Leading various rollouts for his own schools, Dan knows what it takes to get… (Read Bio)
Dr. Micah Shippee
instagram | twitter
Micah Shippee, PhD is the Chief Executive Officer of Ready Learner One LLC operating at the intersection of research and practice. As a professor of planned change and innovation… (Read Bio)
Susan Stewart
K-2 Can, TOO is the motto of this lead learner! Susan Stewart is Google Education Innovator and Trainer. She is currently the K-12 Instructional Technology Coach for Fowler… (Read Bio)
Maureen Stover
instagram | twitter
"Maureen Stover is the 2020 Burroughs Wellcome Fund North Carolina Teacher of the Year (NCTOY) and a 2021 National Teacher of the Year Finalist. Prior to her position as the… (Read Bio)
Islah "Izzie" Tauheed
Islah "Izzie" Tauheed, TMI/Gravity Goldberg, LLC K-12 Literacy Specialist/Consultant. Izzie is a courageous advocate for teachers. She works toward change by creating… (Read Bio)
Knikole Taylor
Knikole Taylor is a teacher cheerleader who is passionate about all things teaching and learning. She uses her experience as a classroom teacher and her love of technology to… (Read Bio)
Dr. Sarah Thomas
instagram | twitter
Sarah Thomas, PhD is a Regional Technology Coordinator in a large district in Maryland, and the founder of EduMatch, a project that empowers educators to make global connections… (Read Bio)
Paul Timm
Paul is a 7-12 science instructor from Lyons-Decatur Northeast Public Schools in Lyons, Nebraska. He holds three teaching endorsements in Biology, Agriculture Education, and… (Read Bio)
Amanda Torres
Amanda received her B.S. in Elementary Education and MAT in Urban Education from The College of New Jersey. She is also certified to teach English as a Second Language (ESL). In… (Read Bio)
Mari Venturino
instagram | twitter
Mari Venturino is a middle school science teacher in San Diego, CA. She is a Google For Education Certified Trainer and Innovator, a Google Certified Educator Levels 1 & 2,… (Read Bio)
Jigisha Vyas
Jigisha Vyas is a university professor, instructional coach, a certified mindful educator, and yoga instructor. Having over a decade of experience, she has worked with a variety… (Read Bio)
Jason Webster
Jason Webster is the Director of Education Sales for ViewSonic. A tech veteran, Jason has over 25 years’ experience in both enterprise and education sales. Jason has been with… (Read Bio)
Sean Willams
instagram | twitter
For the last 20 years, Sean has worked in education as a classroom teacher, adjunct professor at the University of La Verne, and Director of Instructional Technology for several… (Read Bio)
John Worthington, Esq.
John Worthington, Esq., Education Law Specialist, NJPSA/FEA/LEGAL ONE; John Worthington is a consultant for LEGAL ONE (Law, Ethics, and Governance for All Leaders, including an… (Read Bio)