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Dr. Margy Leininger
Margy’s broad experience in instruction, curriculum, and early childhood education spans several decades. Margy earned her bachelor’s degree from San Diego State University. After a move to the east coast, Margy was employed by the Ridgewood Public School system as a kindergarten and a first-grade teacher. While teaching, she earned a master’s degree from the City College of New York in Early Childhood Education. Margy also earned a master’s degree in Leadership from William Paterson University. She was asked to be a Teacher on Special Assignment, supporting the district’s elementary teachers as a district wide staff developer. This made her responsible for the development and updating of the districts’ elementary language arts curriculum as well as working closely with both the district teachers and the staff developers from Teachers College Reading and Writing Project.

Margy was selected as the principal of Ridgewood’s Travell Elementary School where she has been the “lead learner” along with her staff and students. While principal, Margy earned her doctorate from Fielding Graduate University. Her doctoral dissertation focused on building and maintaining positive professional learning communities.

Over several of the past summers, she has been a presenter at the Paramus Summer Institute on Reading and Writing, working with teachers to enhance their instructional skills, as well as taking an opportunity to deepen her own professional knowledge developed from the interactions of those attending the program.

Margy is a learner and advocate who strives to make the world a better place by working with children, teachers, and administrators, growing learning solutions and helping them to see the joy in reading and writing.

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