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About TMI Education

TMI Education is a licensed full service educational resource provider. Founded in 1998, TMI has served school districts all across the northeastern United States and provided consulting services for the New Jersey Department of Education and various international ministries of education. Throughout our history, TMI has proudly served thousands of school districts, various state departments of education, prominent state-wide education memberships and associations as well as international ministries of education in their collective efforts to further many and varied educational initiatives at the local, state, federal and international level.

Professional Training Portfolio

TMI offers the educational community as a whole - school districts, DOEs, state-wide education associates and more - with a wide variety of educational services, tools and resources that are relevant, engaging and readily applied both in leadership and in classroom instruction. Our portfolio of services are authentic in their delivery and provision and serve to promote authentic-based learning for both teachers and students, and are delivered through multiple mechanisms, many listed below.

Authentic-based learning opportunities:

  • Project ABLE Curriculum Renewal Initiative
  • TMI Consortium Professional Learning Community
  • Workshops & Events
  • In-district Services

Our Team

  • Dr. Brian Chinni

    Brian has served the educational profession as a teacher, school principal, district-level administrator, and university professor. In 1998, Dr. Chinni established The Madison Institute (TMI), a New Jersey-based educational consultant and professional development firm serving K-12, higher education and government agencies, both at home and abroad. Since its inception, TMI, under Dr. Chinni’s leadership, has been integrally involved in many important federal- and state-based educational collaborative initiatives with the New Jersey Department of Education, many national state-based Principals and Supervisors Associations, numerous school districts and consortia throughout the state and the northeast, institutions of higher learning and international ministries of education. Dr. Chinni has extensive expertise and professional experience in the effective integration of purposeful technology in K-12 and Higher Education environments in support of best-practice pedagogy and instruction and authentic-based learning. Dr. Chinni’s up-to-date working knowledge of federal and state education initiatives, his historical state-wide education and database project management work, general project management experience and skills, and people management capabilities, position him as a unique educational leader and CEO.

  • Dr. Jim Gamble

    Dr. Jim, as he is affectionally called, is a former New Jersey School Superintendent and presenter of educational seminars at local, national, and international venues. Dr. Jim holds certifications in social studies education, elementary education, developmental reading, school administration; and a doctorate in educational leadership from Nova Southeastern University. Jim serves as an adjunct professor; is the author of books and publications relating to brain-based learning, assessment, mentoring, 21st century learning, and ongoing professional development. Dr. Jim has delivered presentations in the areas of instructional technology, daily professional development, and brain-based reading at events in Toronto, Canada - Upsala University, Sweden and Amman, Jordan. Jim is also a regular presenter at The College of New Jersey. Following his tenure as a superintendent; Jim served as a consultant for NJ ELITE (Exemplary Leadership Institutes in Technology Education), NJPAA (New Jersey Performance Assessment Alliance), and held the position of Senior Vice-President for Research and Program Development at The Madison Institute.

  • Mr. Richard Panicucci

    Rich is the Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum and Instruction for the Bergen County Technical Schools and Special Services. Over the past 20 years, he has served as a teacher, administrator, and educational consultant in the field of career and technical education. He was heavily involved in development of the Bergen County Academies in the early 1990’s and has since also played a major role in their integration of the International Baccalaureate Diploma Program into CTE Programs of Study. Rich coordinated the restructuring of their Paramus Special Needs Campus, which recently received the Panasonic Corporation’s National School Change Award for continuous improvement in student achievement. He has also written several publications in the areas of project-based instruction and professional development. Rich has been an outstanding lead trainer and consultant for The Madision Institute since 1999, specializing in effective technology integration; evaluation of teaching effectiveness; organizational and project management; and authentic-based instruction, assesment, and curriculum development in support TMI's Project ABLE initiative. In 2019, RIch assumed the position of Senior Vice President of TMI Education's Strategic Planning Division.

  • Mr. Timothy Casperson

    Tim has served as history/social studies teacher and District Supervisor of Humanities for the Bergen County Technical schools since 1999. Tim oversees the English, History/SS and World Language curricula, assessment and instructional programs; and leads professional development and evaluation system training programs for the district. Tim has been an outstanding lead trainer and consultant for TMI Education since 2000, specializing in differentiated instruction; effective technology integration; evaluation of teaching effectiveness; and authentic-based instruction, assessment, and curriculum development in support TMI's Project ABLE initiative. In 2019, Tim assumed the position of TMI Education's Senior Vice President of Business Development.

The Madison Institute - Our Work

Our work has covered many topics and has been delivered through varied mechanisms, from centralized training to e-learning solutions. Some of these include, but are not limited to:

  • Curriculum writing, mapping and renewal
  • State-wide assessment evaluation
  • International collaborative projects in support of authentic learning
  • Coaching & mentoring
  • Effective leadership
  • Effective teacher certification
  • Formative and performance assessment