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Brian has served the educational profession as a teacher, school principal, district-level administrator, and university professor. In 1998, Dr. Chinni established The Madison Institute (TMI), a New Jersey-based educational consultant and professional development firm serving K-12, higher education and government agencies, both at home and abroad. Since its inception, TMI, under Dr. Chinni’s leadership, has been integrally involved in many important federal- and state-based educational collaborative initiatives with the New Jersey Department of Education, many national state-based Principals and Supervisors Associations, numerous school districts and consortia throughout the state and the northeast, institutions of higher learning and international ministries of education. Dr. Chinni has extensive expertise and professional experience in the effective integration of purposeful technology in K-12 and Higher Education environments in support of best-practice pedagogy and instruction and authentic-based learning. Dr. Chinni’s up-to-date working knowledge of federal and state education initiatives, his historical state-wide education and database project management work, general project management experience and skills, and people management capabilities, position him as a unique educational leader and CEO.