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The TMI Education-LEGAL ONE Professional Learning Partnership


Since its inception in 1999, TMI Education has been a proud and privileged partner of the New Jersey Principals and Supervisors Association (NJPSA) and the Foundation for Educational Administration, Inc. (FEA), the professional learning division of the NJPSA. Throughout this over 20-year partnership, TMI has collaborated with NJPSA/FEA on countless workshops, in-district programs, and local, regional and state-level initiatives.

Among these many outstanding NJPSA/FEA programs is LEGAL ONEUnder the direction of David Nash, Esq., LEGAL ONE continues to be the leading provider of education law workshops, online courses, webinars and in-district programs for school leaders and teachers on critical legal issues. "It is with great pride and pleasure that we announce LEGAL ONE as the exclusive partner and provider of sustained education law professional learning and training for our members and constituents," explains Dr. Brian P. Chinni, TMI Education CEO/Founder.

TMI-LEGAL ONE Partnership offerings are a great way to satisfy New Jersey professional development requirements for teachers, school leaders and other school employees!

TMI Education-LEGAL ONE Partnership Programs, Services and Benefits (2021-2022)


In partnership, we are very proud to offer the following program, services and benefits to all of our respective organizational member and non-member colleagues.

TMI Consortium Members:


For over a decade, TMI Education has provided its Professional Learning Consortium (PLC) Members unrivaled cost-effective access to countless timely, innovative and practical professional learning workshops, large-scale initiatives, events and customized programs. This extensive collection of professional learning experiences have included annual regional- and state-level seminars, panel discussions, movie screenings, global forums, conferences, exhibitions and expos, and more. We are extremely proud to have had the privileged opportunity to join forces in collaboration with so many of the most outstanding and influential educational organizations and individuals across the globe, including our privileged partnership with NJPSA/FEA and LEGAL ONE.

Our 2021-2022 Consortium Members will benefit from our TMI-LEGAL ONE Partnership by receiving the following benefits:

TMI Non-Consortium Members Benefit Too!


All of our colleagues and constituents will benefit from our TMI-LEGAL ONE Partnership by receiving the following benefits:

Certificate-Based Courses (2021-2022)


Achieve mastery of the most current education law, elevate confidence in your role, and enhance your professional status through our LEGAL ONE Certificate courses! Each of our comprehensive and coherent Certificate-based offerings provide a convenient and self-paced asynchronous online learning experience that accommodates the daily demands of the practicing educator. Additionally, our Certificate-based courses are structured according to three distinct formats to best meet your individual needs:

Course Level Certificate Type/Title Features and Benefits Cost
Level One

Specialist Certificate

  • 16.5 PD Credit Hours 
  • Greater command of subject 
  • Increased knowledge and confidence in professional role
  • End-of-course assessment to measure individual progress
  • Specialist Certificate
 $485 (applies $15 TMI discount)
Level Two

 Professional Advanced Certificate of Mastery 

  • 25 PD Credit Hours
  • Completion of 8 hours of advanced coursework
  • 5 hours of small group and personalized professional coaching
  • Mastery of subject
  • Increased competence and confidence in professional role
  • Demonstration of mastery through role-aligned authentic performance assessment 
  • Professional Advanced Certificate of Mastery 
  • Pathway 1: $635 (applies $15 TMI discount)
    • Who? Specifically for those individuals who have successfully completed the Specialist Certificate Program (Level 1), after January 1, 2018.
    • Which course do I complete? The Professional Advanced Certificate of Mastery Program (Level 2) Only  
  • Pathway 2: $984 (applies $15 TMI discount)
    • Who? Specifically for those who have not yet completed the Specialist Certificate Program (Level 1)
    • Which courses do I complete?
      • Specialist Certificate Program (Level 1)
      • Professional Advanced Certificate of Mastery Program (Level 2)
Level Three Professional Advanced Scholar 
  • Graduate Credit and Graduate Course Replacement option (in satisfaction of MA in Educational Leadership program, and related NJ Supervisor and Director of School Counseling Certificates)
  • Completion of 20 hours of self-paced advanced coursework
    • Student Rights and Responsibilities 
    • Staff Rights and Responsibilities 
    • Special Education Law
    • Progressive Supervision
    • School Ethics
  • 5 hours of small group and personalized professional coaching
  • Mastery of subject
  • Demonstration of content knowledge through successful completion of course-specific assessments
  • Demonstration of mastery through role-aligned authentic performance assessment 
  • Professional Advanced Certificate of Mastery 
  • Pathway 1: $635 + Approx. $250/credit
  • Pathway 2: $984 + Approx. $250/credit

Anti-bullying Specialist Certificate Program (self-paced online)


As an Anti-Bullying Specialist or Anti-Bullying Coordinator, you need comprehensive professional learning in order to be ready for this challenging role.

There is no better team of anti-bullying experts for this type of training than LEGAL ONE's instructors! We have trained thousands of Anti-Bullying Specialists, administrators and others on every aspect of New Jersey’s Anti-Bullying Bill of Rights. But we know it can be difficult at times to attend out-of-district professional learning. That’s why we are pleased to offer this self-paced online version of the Anti-Bullying Specialist Certificate Program! Complete all of this training when it's most convenient for you, right from your home or school computer.

What's more, we are now also including opportunities for live interaction with LEGAL ONE attorneys, by providing a variety of date options for you to participate in a half-day ABS Live Interactive Session where you can have your questions answered by LEGAL ONE's expert attorneys and practice addressing real-world scenarios.

Program Components

The ABS Online Certificate Program offers 16 hours of continuing education. The program consists of an introduction course, three parts (listed below), and a final assessment exam. All components and assessments must be successfully completed in order to earn a program certificate.

Additionally, there are bonus courses and webinars that are not required to earn your certificate. However, our LEGAL ONE team encourages you to explore these school law learning experiences.

LEGAL ONE ABS Certificate Program Live Interaction Sessions: FREE (and optional) Live Interaction Session provided to all ABS registrants.

Anti-Bullying Professional Advanced Certificate of Mastery 


Whether you are the Anti-Bullying Specialist or Anti-Bullying Coordinator, or serve as a school leader, you are charged with making decisions that address issues of harassment, intimidation and bullying, have a wide ranging impact on the health and safety of students and staff, and a lasting impact on overall school climate.  For more than a decade LEGAL ONE has been the leading provider of school law training regarding New Jersey’s Anti-Bullying Bill of Rights.  Now we are excited to take this training to the next level with the introduction of our Anti-Bullying Professional Advanced Certificate of Mastery.  This program provides intensive small group instruction, individualized coaching and certifies that participants are able to demonstrate the real world, authentic knowledge and skills necessary to address this critical need.  

The Anti-Bullying Professional Advanced Certificate of Mastery Program offers two distinct pathways to achievement of the Advanced Certificate of Mastery, specifically to support 1) individuals who have already completed either the in-person or self-paced ABS Specialist Certificate program (after January 1, 2018) and 2) those who have not.  

Program Components

The Anti-Bullying Professional Advanced Certificate of Mastery offers an additional 25 hours of continuing education. The program consists of 12 hours of advanced coursework, small group instruction, personalized coaching and multiple assessment formats to guide progress and demonstrate mastery. 
 All components and assessments must be successfully completed in order to earn the Advanced Certificate of Mastery.

For additional information, please:

Anti-Bullying Professional Advanced Scholar


Additionally, those individuals who successfully complete the Anti-Bullying Professional Advanced Certificate of Mastery program are also eligible to apply this credential for graduate credit and course replacement through Ramapo College of New Jersey's MA in Educational Leadership and Post-Masters Programs - at a significantly reduced cost.  This is an outstanding and cost-effective opportunity for those seeking additional professional certifications (including the Principal CE, Director of School Counseling Services and School Administrator CE), career advancement and potential salary advancement. 

For more information, contact Dr. Brian P. Chinni, Ramapo College of NJ MAEL Program Director at:

TMI-LEGAL ONE Annual Collaborative Workshop Series (2021-2022)


Enhance your command of current education law and increase confidence in your administrative role through participation in our in-demand collaborative workshops! The TMI-LEGAL ONE Partnership provides a minimum of four live/synchronous (in-person or virtually delivered) collaborative workshops each year.  Our single-session programs typically run from 9am-1pm and provide a full continental breakfast. All single-session workshops are held in a state-of-the-art professional learning and conference center environment, located in Mahwah, NJ. The following will provide the collection of offerings that are planned for 2021-2022. For more information and to register today, simply click on the desired title link:

Please note that you do not have to be a member of the TMI Consortium or NJPSA to attend our workshops! Everyone is welcome to participate and take advantage of our outstanding professional learning opportunities!



LEGAL ONE offers outstanding timely and comprehensive New Jersey-specific online (asynchronous) courses on various aspects of school law. These courses include real-world scenarios, attorney commentaries and assessments in order to ensure understanding of key legal principles.

Addressing HIB Claims and Discipline for Students With Disabilities

Ensuring a safe learning environment and protecting the due process rights of students with disabilities are critical obligations for all school districts. This course is designed to help school officials work through the complex maze of state and federal statutes, regulations and case law related to addressing HIB claims and discipline for students with disabilities.The course is organized into four modules. Module 1 provides an overview of Federal law addressing student discipline. Module 2 highlights key aspects of Federal and New Jersey law regarding bullying. Module 3 includes a variety of supplemental resource materials. Finally, Module 4 ensures that participants have mastered the content of this course with a multiple-choice assessment.

Child Abuse Prevention 

Ensuring the safety and well-being of all students is the most important responsibility for all school district employees. This course will empower you to better understand the definitions of abuse, statistics about how often it happens, what is known about both victims and perpetrators, steps to prevent abuse, and finally, legal requirements about what to do when you suspect abuse has occurred.

The first section of the course covers the topics of physical and emotional abuse and neglect. The second section of the course focuses specifically on the topic of child sexual abuse, as much of the research, statistics, and strategies to stop sexual abuse are distinct from other types of abuse. Supplemental documents are provided in order to reinforce the information discussed. Finally, participants will be asked to complete an online assessment to ensure understanding of essential content.

Getting to the Truth: A Toolkit for Conducting Effective Student Investigations 

How do we assess the credibility of witnesses with conflicting stories? What are the most effective questioning strategies? How do we analyze written statements? What happens when a student with a disability is involved? What issues come into play with younger students? How do we address issues arising outside the school environment, including on social media?

This course provides a comprehensive toolkit that will empower investigators to answer these crucial questions. The course is organized into 8 modules. It includes real-world scenarios, attorney commentaries, practical tips from practitioners, supplemental templates and resource materials and a multiple-choice course assessment.

Establishing HIB Systems, Protocols and Capacity

This course provides a strategic framework to assist you in ensuring that your district is working as effectively and efficiently as possible to prevent, identify and respond to issues of harassment, intimidation and bullying.
The course is organized into nine sections. It includes suggested protocols for initiating investigations, managing evidence, communicating with parents, writing reports, supporting students and addressing school climate. The course also includes an in-depth interview with an experienced Anti-Bullying Coordinator.

School Law Essentials for Every Teacher and School Employee

This comprehensive online course is specially designed for all educators and educators and staff to learn the essentials of school law. Course Modules:

LEGAL ONE Customized In-District Programs


LEGAL ONE’s in-person training is a great way to stay up to date on the latest school law developments and to have your questions answered by a knowledgeable LEGAL ONE attorney. Now you have 20% off the regular price for these great workshops thanks to TMI Education's partnership with LEGAL ONE.

The LEGAL ONE Podcast - An Outstanding School Law Professional Learning Resource!


LO Podcast

How can you understand your legal rights and responsibilities? Especially with limited time, laws that are constantly evolving, and the fact that you are always on the move? Whether you are a parent, teacher, school leader, college student or just have an interest in school law, the LEGAL ONE Podcast provides a great option for you.

As the leading provider of school law training, the LEGAL ONE team of school law experts is pleased to offer the LEGAL ONE Podcast, a weekly podcast that helps you understand complex legal issues through 20 to 30 minute episodes. Each episode will be hosted by a LEGAL ONE attorney, include information on recent developments in school law and provide tips for promoting collaboration between parents and schools.

For those with an interest in specific topics, the Podcast will include series of episodes that focus on specific aspects of school law, such as landmark Supreme Court decisions, landmark legislation, special education, First Amendment rights, addressing bullying and other student behavior, and discrimination law. The format will include legal analysis and commentary, interviews with key stakeholders and tips for how to learn more about particular topics.

To subscribe today, go to: LEGAL ONE Podcast


  • FREE access to any of our annual TMI-LEGAL ONE collaborative virtual and in-person workshops (up to five seats/district)
  • $15 off of any LEGAL ONE Certification Programs, including:
    • Anti-Bullying Specialist (ABS) Certificate (available now)
    • Affirmative Action Certificate (coming soon)
    • Special Education Law Certificate (coming soon) 
  • 25% off the annual district subscription for the “Spotlight on Education Law” online mini-courses (asynchronous)
  • Discounted Graduate Credits or Graduate Course replacement (in satisfaction of MA in Educational Leadership program, and NJ Supervisor and Director of School Counseling Certificates)
  • CLE Credits (select programs)
  • 10% off any of our annual TMI-LEGAL ONE collaborative virtual and in-person workshops (4-5/year)
  • $15 off of any LEGAL ONE Certification Program, including:
    • Anti-Bullying Specialist (ABS) Certificate (available now)
    • Affirmative Action Officer Certificate (coming soon)
    • Special Education Law Certificate (coming soon) 
  • 25% off the annual district subscription for the “Spotlight on Education Law” online seminars  (asynchronous)
  • Discounted Graduate Credits or Graduate Course replacement (in satisfaction of MA in Educational Leadership program, and related NJ Supervisor and Director of School Counseling Certificates)
  • PART I - Bullying Law Update and the Role of the ABS
  • PART II - How to Investigate HIB Claims
  • PART III - Bullying Response and Prevention
  • Course No. 2 - Affirmative Action Specialist Certificate Program (Coming Soon!)
  • Course No. 3 - Special Education Law Specialist Certificate Program (Coming Soon!)
  • Download our brochure (click here)
  • Email - [email protected]
  • Phone - 888-864-6364, ext. 1
  • Hot Topics in Special Education Law: 2021-2022
  • HIB Law Update: 2021-2022
  • Implicit Bias, Disproportionality, Discipline and the Law
  • The Legally Compliant Classroom: What Every Teacher NEEDS to Know 
  • Part 1 – Discrimination Issues
  • Part 2 – 1st Amendment/Privacy/Social Media Issues
  • Part 3 – Student Issues
  • Part 4 – Reporting Requirements
  • Part 5 – Staff Issues