Improving Education
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Improving Education

You can hear them too, right?

Students are speaking to us every day, but in their own way. They show us how they live, engage and communicate every day. It's time to give them a real voice in how they learn. It's time to give that voice life and do what's right to ensure their success in life. At TMI Education, we help schools build personalized, engaged learning environments that serve the student by starting with the student.

Our Project ABLE Education Solution is the vision and delivery mechanism to achieve this "solution transformation" in schools. Project ABLE initiates, facilitates and supports a schools solution transformation with ongoing leadership coaching, development programs to assess and effect school-wide mindset and change readiness, data-driven strategic planning, professional development to drive authentic-design, support classroom instructional practices and implement authentic-based assessment, and so much more. 

But there's even more. 

We also provide professional learning consortia aligned with our Project ABLE vision to support general needs across all content and subject areas -  TheTMI Professional Learning Consortium, with additional independent consortia designed to specifically support literacy empowerment - The Literacy Alliance - and next generation science standards - The NGSS Consortium. Our community-wide consortia provide member districts with premium development programs that promote collaboration, communication, world-class content and best-in-class leadership and instructional practices.