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TMI Education is a licensed full service educational resource provider. Founded in 1998, TMI has served school districts all across the northeastern United States and provided consulting services for the New Jersey Department of Education and various international ministries of education. Throughout our history, TMI has proudly served thousands of school districts, various state departments of education, prominent state-wide education memberships and associations as well as international ministries of education in their collective efforts to further many and varied educational initiatives at the local, state, federal and international level.

Professional Training Portfolio

TMI offers the educational community as a whole - school districts, DOEs, state-wide education associates and more - with a wide variety of educational services, tools and resources that are relevant, engaging and readily applied both in leadership and in classroom instruction. Our portfolio of services are authentic in their delivery and provision and serve to promote authentic-based learning for both teachers and students, and are delivered through multiple mechanisms, many listed below.

Authentic-based learning opportunities:

  • Project ABLE Curriculum Renewal Initiative
  • TMI Consortium Professional Learning Community
  • Workshops & Events
  • In-district Services