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Christy Curran
Christy Curran is a Grade K-12 Literacy Alliance Specialist/Consultant. Christy began her teaching career in Pinellas County Florida’s public school system. She taught for nine years at a writing demonstration school, where her classroom was selected as a visitation site for teachers from all over to observe. She also led a summer writers’ camp sponsored by renowned journalism school The Poynter Institute a school. In 2006 Christy joined the Teachers College Reading and Writing Project. For eight years she worked alongside teachers, coaches, and administrators at schools around the country supporting the teaching of literacy. Christy presented at workshops, week-long institutes, though what gave her the most joy was being in the classroom working alongside teachers and children. Christy has continued her literacy consulting work expanding it internationally. Just prior to the pandemic she worked in Bangkok, Bonn, Cairo, Chennai, Dubai, Frankfurt, Monterrey, Muscat, Panama City, Paraguay, Singapore, and Zurich. Christy holds a B.S. in elementary education from University of South Florida and an M.A. in literacy specialist from Teachers College Columbia University.

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Grade-level: Elementary
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Foundational Reading Skills: Grades K-5 (An Offering of the Literacy Alliance) Virtual Delivery