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Brianne Annitti
Brianne Annitti, Gravity Goldberg, LLC-TMI Education Literacy Alliance Consultant. Brianne is an enthusiastic educator who is passionate about her love for literacy. With a strong philosophy that we all learn together, she accentuates her positive mindset to continue to grow professionally alongside other educators. For over a decade, Brianne has worked as both an elementary teacher and literacy coach in Ramsey, NJ, where she helped support educators with different literacy-based practices. Brianne has knowledge and experience in writing curriculum, being a staff developer, and fostering student & teacher independence while offering choice. Brianne holds a Bachelor of Arts in Education and Psychology, as well as a Master of Arts in Education from Fairleigh Dickinson University. Brianne continues to evolve as a learner by taking additional graduate literacy courses, attending Columbia Teachers College workshops, and working with educators and consultants to research, collaborate, and study new theories in a classroom setting.


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