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Would I Lie to You?: Navigating Reading, Writing, and Research in the Fake News Era, 6-12

Literacy, TMI Education-Gravity Goldberg Literacy Alliance

Finding, reading, and referencing, quality sources has been a challenge for students for time immemorial, but this task has perhaps never been as daunting as it is today, with a predatory economy of “fake news” websites leaping to the top of search results, contradictory messages being spread on social media by “bots” and “trolls”, and an increasingly conflict-avoidant student population wary of being called-out for sharing inconvenient information. Equally fraught is the experience of literacy teachers, who want their students to pursue the highest ideals of truth and accuracy, but are hesitant to engage with such potentially volatile material or fall victim to the same fake news themselves! This interactive session will outline several updated rules of engagement for digital sourcing, provide resources that help students (and teachers) separate fact from fiction, and encourage educators to embrace the truth and wrestle with deception in their literacy education.

Audience: All Grade 6-12 General and Special Education Teachers, Coaches, and Administrators
Instructor: Matthew Morone, TMI/Gravity Goldberg, LLC Literacy Alliance Secondary Level Specialist, and Lead Consultant

Time: 2 hours



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