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Using Read-Aloud and Video-Aloud to Cultivate Community and Conversation, K-6

Innovative Practice, Literacy, TMI Education-Gravity Goldberg Literacy Alliance

Read-aloud is the cornerstone of so many classrooms. By using “read-aloud 2.0” and video aloud, we can also teach, support, and amplify collaboration and conversation. By creatively reimagining a traditional read-aloud, we provide vision and context for upcoming instruction. Students see and feel the purpose of learning and are prepared to take action confidently. In this session, we will discuss and plan read-aloud 2.0 and video-aloud experiences. Additionally, participants will learn how to revisit texts for a wide variety of instructional purposes. Margaret Wheatley once said, “I believe we can change the world if we start talking to one another again.” By infusing read-aloud and video aloud into all subjects, we cultivate a classroom community prepared to do just this.

Audience: Grade K-6 Teachers, Administrators, Coaches, Teacher Leaders
Instructor: Pam Koutrakos, TMI/Gravity Goldberg Literacy Alliance Specialist and Lead Consultant

Time: 2 hours



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