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Teaching & Learning are Logical: Neuro-Logical!

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Your brain is your most important tool! Your students’ brains are their most important tool! We have always known that, but how much have we truly recognized it?! We believe that having a basic understanding of the biological processes underlying the way we think, learn, and make decisions should be considered mandatory.

Neuroeducation is at the juncture of education, cognitive psychology and cognitive neuroscience. It is at this point where we adopt a “whole child” approach that ensures each student is healthy, safe, engaged, supported and challenged. Appreciating students through the lens of neurodevelopment is step one toward creating communities that value equity and social justice.

If you have a curious mind, want to understand the intricacies of the human mind and have missed thinking about thinking and learning about learning this PD session is for YOU. We will use the concepts of Neuroeducation to answer the questions, “How does the brain learn, and, importantly, how can we use this information in a way that elicits the maximum potential of each student?” This session will create a space to ask questions, start important discussions and grow your dendrites.

Through experiential learning, participants will learn how to apply:

  • The learning structures of the brain that impact student learning & engagement and how to hack them
  • Brain-based strategies to sustain attention, control focus, and direct input to the thinking brain
  • Mental models that connect the concrete to the abstract
  • Concrete ways to keep the “gate” of learning open
  • Activities that help students relax in order to improve alertness
  • Protocols of organization to ensure student success in the student-led classroom
  • Cognitive structures necessary to formulate rules that make processing automatic

The culminating activity will be to identify a challenging lesson (where students typically have difficulty with attentive focus and or memory) and “tweak” it, using the brain-based strategies shared that day.

Audience: All Grades PK-12 Educators
Presenter(s): Sharon McCarthy, TMI-ENVISION SEL Specialist/Lead Consultant, ENVISION President

Time: 3 hours



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