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Smart Notes: Innovative and Effective Note-taking

Literacy, Spotlight On TMI Artists Mini-course Series

This session will provide an overview of issues regarding student note-taking, identify the elements needed for effective note-taking, and offer potential strategies for teachers to implement those elements into their classes.

Session Objectives: 

  • Objective 1: Review research on note-taking and learning

  • Objective 2: Identify strategies for “smart notes”

  • Objective 3: Overview of student tools to take smart notes

  • Objective 4: Review major points and provide steps moving forward

Presenter: Jonathan Lancaster is currently a Lead Teacher and teacher of Social Studies at Bergen County Technical High School. He is the author of “The Teaching Mirror: Lessons Learned as a First-Year Teacher,” which was published in March of 2019. Jonathan has been trained at Phillips Exeter Academy through their Exeter Humanities Institute for Humanities on how to properly conduct whole group discussions in the Harkness format. Jonathan has also written a 40-page "Guide to Harkness" that has been reviewed, edited, and approved by Phillips Exeter Academy's faculty; this guide has been used by hundreds of teachers internationally. Jonathan has also conducted a study to investigate how the Harkness method influences equity in the classroom.

Time: 45 Minutes



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