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Rethinking Revision: Inviting Writers to Revise From Seed to Publication (3-8)

Literacy, TMI Education-Gravity Goldberg Literacy Alliance

A traditional view of the writing process has many of us inviting students to revise after drafting. At that point, we share that authors revisit their work with new eyes, making the changes that will bring their true message to light. Yet, when students pick up their pens to do this work, we see that many change a word or two and then exclaim, “I done.” This version of “re-seeing” is not really what we had in mind. In this session, we’ll study ways to revise our own view of the writing process and bring revision into the earlier parts of our work. From seed to final send-off, revision can be happening all the way through; and in the end, can help our students bring forward meaningful pieces that capture the true heart of their ideas.

Audience: All Grades 3-8 Teachers, Administrators, Coaches, and Teacher Leaders
Instructor(s): Dana Clark, Grade TMI/Gravity Goldberg Literacy Specialist, and Lead Consultant

Time: 2 hours



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