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Presenting with Panache! How to Create + Deliver Crush-Worthy Content to Captivate + Connect with Your Audience

Innovative Practice, Spotlight On TMI Artists Mini-course Series

Looking to supercharge your presentations from “sufficient” to “spellbinding?” Look no further!  Whether you are pitching a presentation to colleagues in person, teaching a lesson to students virtually, or recording flipped content for asynchronous viewers, knowing how to captivate your audience/viewers is an art! In this session, learn tips and tricks on how to prepare, design, and deliver presentations through various modalities including email, virtual and in-person events, and even recorded content. By incorporating various interactive and engaging tech tools and strategies, you will leave this session with the confidence to own your stage and beetlejuice your brand/message! 

Session Objectives: 

  • Compose eye-catching emails that people will actually read

  • Plan and design synchronous and/or virtual meetings/presentations that are clear, concise, and captivating 

  • Utilize strategies + tech tools to deliver presentations that allow you to connect, engage, and interact with your audience

  • Interject your personality into presentations!

Presenter: Jessica L. Williams is a Tech Integration Specialist and co-teacher for the IMS News class for Illing Middle School in Manchester, Connecticut. As a Google Certified Trainer, Innovator, Sphero Hero, WeVideo Ambassador, and the 2020-21 District Teacher of the Year, she has presented at numerous conferences all over the world on how to effectively roll out and integrate technology in meaningful ways. Her interests include tinkering, design thinking, video production, improv, and creating! 

Time: 45 Minutes



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