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Mental Health: Staying Focused Under Pressure

Social-Emotional Learning, TMI Education-Envision, Wellness

We all did the best we could, living and learning the past year. Most of us felt semi-paralyzed at some point(s). Not surprisingly, when we are under immense, prolonged pressure, “We don’t rise to the level of our expectations, we fall to the last level of training.” – Archilochus

Working/Living under pressure is never easy – no matter how tough or well-experienced one may be. Mastering the art of staying focused (resilience) will help one get through difficult situations.

This session explores seven ways to remain focused, even when chaos is the order of the day (or year!). Come for yourself – leave with strategies for your students and family as well:

  • Control your schedule so it doesn’t control you (and get more dopamine)
  • Protocols for self-forgiveness
  • Identify and employ strengths
  • Ask for support (can be a life or death skill)
  • Stay present

Audience: All Grades PK-16 Educators
Presenter(s): Sharon McCarthy, TMI-ENVISION SEL Specialist/Lead Consultant, ENVISION President

Time: 2.5 Hours 



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