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An Introduction to…Keeping the Brain in Mind! Effective Strategies for Excellent Instruction

Student Engagement And Differentiation

Great teachers know not only what to do in the classroom, but why it works. This workshop will use brain-friendly, research-based learning to help you improve your instruction in the key areas of: The Learning Environment, Knowing Your Students, Planning Instruction, Delivering Instruction, and Assessment. Included in the workshop are brain basics, a model to understand student learning, strategies that increase learning, how to improve retention, incorporating humor, novelty and music in instruction, and free, quality online resources.  In addition to a fast-paced, engaging and interactive workshop, that uses the strategies it teaches, you will leave with concise, research-based information and techniques that you can use in your teaching tomorrow. Practical resources will be provided!

Audience: Grade K-12 Teachers, Administrators, and Coaches
Instructor(s): Dr. Cheryl Moretz, Mr. Matthew Carlin, and Mr. Paul Sears; TMI Education Brain-Based Educational Specialist

Time: 3 Hours



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