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The Interdisciplinary Practitioner: Inviting All Perspectives Into Our Classrooms (3-12)

Equity, Literacy, TMI Education-Gravity Goldberg Literacy Alliance

We all know that there is danger in studying a single-sided story. We run the risk of preventing students from seeing problems from multiple angles, empathizing with others, and coming to fuller understandings of humanity and the world we all share. In the short session, we will explore how we might purposefully plan learning experiences with multiple perspectives in mind by building text sets to support diverse perspective sharing and create a classroom space that welcomes all identities and perspectives into the conversation.

Audience: All Grades 3-12 Teachers, Co-Teachers, Administrators, Coaches and Teacher Leaders
Presenter(s): Dana Clark, Grade K-12 Literacy Specialists/Consultant; Georgie Marley, Grade K-12 Literacy Specialists/Consultant; and Beatrice Lopez, Humanities Supervisor, Isaac E. Young Middle School, New Rochelle

Time: 2.5 hours



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