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Immersive Realities: The Basics of AR and VR in the Classroom

Innovative Tools, Spotlight On TMI Artists Mini-course Series

This session will go over the basics of what is AR (Augmented Reality) and what is VR (Virtual Reality) without taking a deep dive into the tech behind it. It will also look at ways you can use it in your classroom and why.

Session Objectives: 

  • Get a good understanding of the difference between AR and VR.

  • Get comfortable with exploring AR and VR in the classroom.

  • Introduction to a few basic AR and VR tools to get you started.

Presenter: My name is Bobby Carlton and I have dedicated most of my professional career exploring how AR and VR technology could be used to reshape how any industry could approach workforce learning and engagement. I also worked with organizations of all sizes through individual learning labs to help them understand how AR/VR could not only change the way their workforce landscape could use the technology to improve workflow, but also how they could use the technology to bridge the gap between brands and their consumers as well as B2B relationships.

Through my work, I have a deep understanding of how AR and VR can boost KPI data to improve training methods and employee/student engagement. My research has also looked deeply into how immersive tech can create employee and consumer evangelism, and build an improved collaborative work environment.

Beyond education and training, my work jumps into how immersive technology such as unique AR marketing strategies through social media AR filters, can be used for digital marketing and company branding. I also explore how new technology can play a role in changing social behavior and consumerism, creating a more agile thinking that leads to brand loyalty.

In 2016 I joined the writing staff at VRScout, a website that reaches over 250 million people,  to explore new experiences, new hardware, and new ways people and industries embraced AR/VR technology to improve lives, change the way we learn, connect people, and make a difference in the world.

In 2017, I was invited to be on the judging panel of the first-ever VRAwards and have remained in that role since. The VRAwards recognizes award-winning VR experiences and advancements in hardware and software that pushes immersive technology into new directions and changes how we interact in our new world.

As an AR/VR influencer, I have been a speaking guest and paneled events in VR environments such as AltspaceVR, Engage, Rec Room, and Mozilla Hubs, as well as physical conferences such as Learning Conference, Training Magazine Conference and Expo, TechLearn, Masie Center labs, and PAX East. I have also been a guest writer for STRIVR, InSync Training, and currently serve as a regular guest on the UK's nationally syndicated radio program TalkSport Radio as their technology expert.

In 2021, Facebook invited me to be part of their Facebook Reality Labs Speaker Series where I presented on how AR/VR technology could reshape how an organization could become more socially responsible.

I also joined the SXSW XR Advisory Board in 2021 to help push AR and VR technology forward, and help shape the way we work, learn, socialize, entertain, run a business, marketing, and beyond.

For more information on my work and the latest in immersive tech, find me on twitter @Bcarlton727.


Time: 54 Minutes



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