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Getting Unstuck: Strategies for Productivity and Peace (Session 4 of 4) - Mindset Maintenance


In this four-part interactive workshop series, participants will reflect on their habits and mindsets to identify those that hinder or help productivity and peace. This workshop has three objectives: 1) identify current goals and challenges as adult learners, 2) use the stages of the self-regulated learning cycle to develop greater self-awareness of your learning processes, and 3) apply practical strategies grounded in research to support goal-achievement, self-satisfaction, and fuel motivation for future growth.

Participants will receive specific strategies and templates for goal-setting, values-alignment, task strategies, and self-reflection. These tools will support one’s ability to successfully complete long-term commitments such as dissertations, grant writing projects, or book publications.

Join Dr. Melissa Quackenbush for this collaborative workshop series – or – attend individual sessions.

Session 4: Mindset Maintenance

To close the learning cycle, participants will return to their reflections and engage in activities that support fueling the SRL process and contribute to intrinsic motivation, self-satisfaction, and peace.

Audience: All Grade PK-12 Educators
Instructor: Dr. Melissa Quackenbush, TMI Education Lead Instructional Coach and Design Specialist; President, Engage Momentum, LLC

Time: 30 minutes



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