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The Esports Education Playbook

Innovative Practice, Spotlight On TMI Artists Mini-course Series

Learn about scholastic esports, what makes a robust program, and how a robust program can help make kids more resilient.

Session Objectives: 

  • What is esports?

  • What makes esports meaningful for students?

  • How can we leverage esports to make grittier, more resilient kids?

Presenter: Chris Aviles is a teacher at Knollwood middle school in Fair Haven, New Jersey. There he runs the renowned Fair Haven Innovates program he created in 2015. Part of his FH Innovates program includes the FH Knights, the first middle school esports team in the country. As coach of the FH Knights, Aviles, and his players take on all comers from around the country including other middle schools, high schools, and even colleges. Chris has been involved in esports since 1998 and he is passionate about growing the esportsedu movement. He has authored The Esports Education Playbook and runs a nonprofit, Garden State Esports, to help other educators start esports teams in their schools.

Time: 45 Minutes



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