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Engaging Students With Reading, Writing, & Thinking Through Personalization (6-12)

Student Engagement And Differentiation, TMI Education-Gravity Goldberg Literacy Alliance

In a world where students can personalize their music, TV, movies, photos and even “friends” they are often turned off and tuned out to one-size-fits-all instruction. Personalization is what our students want. In this interactive session we will define what it means to create a classroom where choice and engagement are high along with the practical tools that make it manageable.

Session Objectives: 

  • Participants will explore schedules
  • Participants will review curricula
  • Participants will experience assessment practices that focus on student thinking

Presenter: Gravity is an educational consultant, author, founder of Gravity Goldberg, LLC, and Co-Founder of the Literacy Alliance, along with her Co-Founder, Dr. Brian P. Chinni, CEO/Founder of The Madison Institute (d.b.a., TMI education).Since its inception in 2014, the Literacy Alliance has served as a transformational force to foster optimal learning environments through exemplary ELA literacy curriculum, instruction and leadership that promotes equity, cultural responsiveness and social-emotional wellness in classrooms across the globe.   While based in the New York / New Jersey metro area, Gravity supports school districts across the country. She specializes in literacy, special education, curriculum, assessment, and learning with technology. Her work ranges from demonstrating lessons and leading workshops on balanced literacy to working with administrators developing curriculum and customizing professional development programs. She works in classrooms from pre-kindergarten through college and in a variety of settings, both urban and suburban. enthusiasm. They have allowed many teachers to make shifts in their practice creating positive impacts for their students. Gravity is co- author of the book, Conferring With Readers: Supporting Each Student’s Growth and Independence (Heinemann). These books show Gravity’s commitment to creating learning environments that are responsive and supportive of students, teachers and leaders alike.  Dr. Goldberg studied at Boston College and Teachers College, Columbia University, pursuing a doctorate in education in Curriculum and Teaching. Her focus on educational policy, school reform, and literacy education still guide her work to this day. She is certified in Elementary Education, Special Education, and as a Reading Specialist (K- 12). Gravity is a certified yoga teacher which allows her to bring elements of yoga to students and teachers, helping them find balance and focus in their work and lives.  Gravity taught in inclusive elementary classrooms, self-contained special education settings, and worked as a reading specialist for pre-K - grade 12. For four years she worked at Teachers College Reading and Writing Project, directed by Lucy Caulkins, as a staff developer in classrooms across the country. She led workshops, modeled lessons, and created curricula. In addition, she ran a series of workshops for special educators, led literacy coaching courses, and served as a faculty member at the renowned summer institutes.

Time: 2.5 Hours



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