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Empowering Creativity After Lockdown

Innovative Practice, Spotlight On TMI Artists Mini-course Series

As we move to the post-pandemic world, how do we bring the creative energy back? This session will show you multiple examples of how making and project-based learning can help bring creativity back into your classroom. 

Session Objectives: 

  • The attendee will understand what creativity can look like in different classroom environments. 

  • The attendee will see how project-based learning can be used to support creativity in the classroom. 

  • The attendee will understand how a maker mentality can support a creative learning environment for all students. 

Presenter: Nicholas Provenzano is the Technology Coordinator and Makerspace Director at University Liggett School in Michigan. He is also an author, makerspace builder, international keynote speaker, and consultant. He writes on his website,,, as well as many other prominent educational websites. He has been featured on CNN, Education Week, and other media outlets. He has been recognized as the Technology Teacher of the Year by MACUL and ISTE. Nicholas is a Google Certified Innovator, ASCD Emerging Leader, Microsoft Minecraft Mentor, Raspberry Pi Certified Educator, Sphero Hero, Adobe Education Leader, and a TEDEd Innovative Educator. His best-selling books, Your Starter Guide to Makerspaces, The Maker Mentality, and Beyond the Poster Board can be found on Amazon. Nicholas is sharing plenty of nerdy things on Twitter and Instagram at @TheNerdyTeacher.

Time: 45 Minutes



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