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Diving In: Immersion Work to Deepen Learning for Learners in Special Education Settings, 3-8

Literacy, Special Education, TMI Education-Gravity Goldberg Literacy Alliance

Immersion work as a kick-off to new learning includes some of the most rigorous, energizing, and joyful experiences of a new unit in reading or writing. During this time, the teacher envisions and plans to anticipate some of the most challenging work of the unit and prepares materials and instruction that will help give students a "leg into" new learning goals. In this session, you will explore select essential components of immersion work, including:

  • shared reading
  • interactive read aloud
  • text study
  • shared writing
  • lingo study

Audience: All Grade 3-8 Special Education Teachers and Co-Teachers, Specialists, Coaches, and Administrators
Instructor: Sarah Fiedeldey, TMI/Gravity Goldberg Literacy Alliance Special Education Specialist and Lead Consultant

Time: 2 hours



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