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Centering Joy: How Joy Can Become a Radical Embodiment of Liberation in Educational Spaces (K-8)

Equity, TMI Education-Gravity Goldberg Literacy Alliance

In this session, participants will discuss what it means to center joy in literacy instruction and learning. Attendees will consider how educators can push the concept of equity and racial justice from imagination to joyous practice. The session will interrogate what actions educators can take to help students be proactive in fostering changes in their communities.

Audience: All Grades K-6 Teachers, Co-Teachers, Coaches, Teacher Leaders and Administrators
Presenter(s): Islah "Izzie" Tauheed, TMI/Gravity Goldberg, LLC K-12 Literacy Specialist/Consultant

Meet Your Instructor/Consultant...Islah "Izzie" Tauheed!

Islah Tauheed is a courageous advocate for teachers. She works toward change by creating spaces where young people can let their guard down, express their true selves, and experience freedom as learners. She is currently an assistant principal in the Bronx, NY, where she enthusiastically strives to create a mutually-beneficial team that uplifts both educators and students to experience curriculum that reflects the diverse background of students in the school community. Islah is a graduate of Teachers College, Columbia University, a former Heinemann Fellow, and a current member of ASCD’s Emerging Leaders of 2021. Pronouns: she/her

Time: 2.5 hours



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