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A CATAPULT to Engagement: STEM in the Social Studies Classroom

Spotlight On TMI Artists Mini-course Series, STEM

Boost engagement in your social studies classroom by integrating some simple STEM activities. Explore ancient Roman catapult sources and then build and test a simple model!

Session Objectives: 

  • Learn to integrate STEM into your social studies classroom.

  • Explore the literary and archaeological sources for ancient catapults.

  • Build and test a small catapult model.

Presenter: Nathalie Roy teaches Latin, Roman Technology, and Classical Myth Makers to middle school students in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Her courses focus on integrating STEM and STEAM into social studies and world languages classes in which students recreate the products, processes, and stories of ancient Roman daily life through experimental archaeology and hands-on STEM/maker labs. A National Board Certified Teacher, Nathalie is currently serving as the 2021 Louisiana State Teacher of the Year.

Time: 45 Minutes



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