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Can We Talk? Teaching and Learning in the Spirit of “Kaizen”

Spotlight On TMI Artists Mini-course Series, Student Engagement And Differentiation, Wellness

The catchphrase “Can We Talk?”, made popular by the comedian Joan Rivers, underscores the current need to share ideas for making adaptations to our practice. Dr. Jim, equipped with over 50 years of experience in education, takes educators on a journey filled with true stories and brain-compatible strategies that point in the direction of “Kaizen” / continual improvement and increased student achievement.  

Session Objectives:

  • To provide encouragement and support for educators during challenging and unpredictable times. 

  • To introduce brain-compatible strategies that are designed to promote wellness and increased student achievement. 

Presenter: Dr. Jim Gamble is a passionate educator with over 50 years of experience. Dr. Jim is a former teacher, principal, superintendent, and adjunct professor. He has also served as Senior Vice President for Research and Program Development at TMI Education. Brain compatible teaching strategies, formative assessment, wellness strategies, and educational leadership are just a few of the topics that Dr. Jim has keynoted at local, national, and international venues during the last 20 years. According to Dr. Jim, “The best learners make the best teachers.”

Time: 55 Minutes



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