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Bringing It All Together: A Systematic Approach to Student Safety (2021-2022)


This webinar provides a framework for putting in place appropriate policies and protocols to protect student safety. Participants will learn about the high expectations established in case law and codified in statute and regulation related to student safety. Specific issues addressed include HIB policies, key elements of the code of student conduct, key requirements related to student risk assessment, and more. The impact of and considerations pertaining to COVID-19 will also be addressed.

Time: 1 hour
Presenters: Sandra L. Jacques, Esq., LL.M., LEGAL ONE Supervisor of Legal Research and Content Development; with Rebecca Gold, LEGAL ONE Consultant

Cost: $40

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The TMI-LEGAL ONE Spotlight on Education Law Series

Convenient on-demand learning for the time-deprived school leader.

TMI and LEGAL ONE are proud to offer the Spotlight on Education Law Series, a comprehensive collection of 11 mini-courses. Designed specifically for the time-deprived school leader, the Spotlight on Education Law Series consists of an ever-evolving library of one-hour information-packed webinars on the most current educational law topics, issues and related developments. Therefore, engagement in the series will better guide and equip the education professional to make the most informed decisions in daily practice. 

  • Individual Mini-Course Rate: $40 
  • 2021-2022 Spotlight on Education Law - Annual Subscription Rate: $330 ($110 discount)
  • 2022-2023 Spotlight on Education Law - Annual Subscription Rate: $330 ($110 discount)
  • Spotlight on Education Law: The Complete 2021-2023 Collection - Annual Subscription Rate: $599 ($281 discount!)

To access, review and purchase any one of our Spotlight on Education Law Series mini-course and/or subscription offerings, visit TMI Anytime! - Spotlight on Education Law today!

The following provides the complete collection of 2021-2022 Spotlight on Education Law Series mini-courses:

  • HIB and the Return to School
  • Student 1st Amendment Rights (the June 2021 U.S. Supreme Court Decision)
  • Developing Support Plans for At-Risk Students
  • Implicit Bias, Disproportionality and the Law
  • The Legal Ethics of Internal Investigations
  • The Strengthening Gifted Education Act: What's New? What Remains? What will be?
  • Student Confidentiality: Who Gets to Know What and When? 
  • Bringing It All Together A Systemic Approach to Student Safety
  • Human Resource Requirements, Best Practices and the Law
  • You Can’t Make This #$%^& Up! School Law Horror Stories and Lessons to Be Learned
  • Summertime and Legal Liability

The following provides the complete collection of 2022-2023 Spotlight on Education Law Series mini-courses (individual courses will be accessible within 10-14 days of the live program):

  • Understanding Major Changes in NJ’s HIB Law and Related Statutes
  • Understanding Boundaries: Staff to Staff Communication
  • Understanding Boundaries: Staff and Parent Communications
  • Developing Staff Code of Conduct
  • Critical Legal Issues in Elementary Education
  • Gifted and Talented Legal Updates
  • Understanding Boundaries: Staff and Students
  • Human Resource Requirements, Best Practices & the Law 
  • Special Education - Child-find and Unilateral placements
  • You Can’t Make This #$%^& Up! School Law: All New Horror Stories and Lessons to Be Learned
  • Legal Issues in Student Health


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