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AI is Here! AI is Here! Ped-AI-gogy to Create Culturally Relevant Learning Experiences!


AI is a powerful, game-changing tool.  It has a huge potential to improve learning outcomes for each student. This is the year to get over the shock and awe phase and into the put it to good use phase. 

AI can be used to streamline a teacher’s workload as well as the ability to create personalized learning experiences for students that are culturally relevant. By analyzing student data, AI algorithms can identify a student’s strengths, weaknesses, and learning styles. Based on this information, the AI can provide customized learning experiences that are culturally relevant to the student’s background, interests, and learning preferences. The best part is - this is fun, creative, and engaging for both teachers and students.

Many educators worry that this will make their students less literate.  Absolutely not!! For the AI tool, ChatGPT, high levels of literacy are necessary to construct prompts that will produce useful content.  AI tools require precise language to produce accurate results.

We trust you are ready to take your teaching to the next level with AI!  Please join us for this inspiring professional development session and discover new ways to create a future that serves the needs of you, your learners, and the world.

Participants will discuss, share and practice:

  • Supporting diverse learners, particularly with regard to UDL representation
  • Applying AI to ensure culturally relevant assessments (UDL)
  • Using various AI tools to “outsource” mundane tasks
  • Engaging students with AI
  • Mistakes to avoid
  • A framework for writing good prompts
  • Consider steps to take to ensure the use of AI in a pedagogically sound way

Audience: All Grade PK-12 Educators
Instructor: Sharon McCarthy, popular TMI-ENVISION SEL Specialist/Lead Consultant, ENVISION President, dynamic presenter and author.
Delivery Format: Virtual
Date/Times: March 5, 2024; 9am-12pm (EST)

The 2023-2024 TMI-ENVISION Professional and Personal Learning Series

The 2023-2024 TMI-ENVISION Professional and Personal Development Series enhances your ability to turn your pedagogical desires into reality. We think of our Series as an integrated roadmap to create and maintain learning spaces where students feel - and - are safe, connected, supported, and academically challenged. Each session contains the recursive threads of SEL-, Equity-, and Healing-Informed practices. Take one, take two, or take them all. Think of them as the vessel to hasten your journey to become the educator you are in your heart of hearts.

All of our TMI-ENVISION Professional and Personal Development Series programs are led by Sharon McCarthy, popular TMI-ENVISION Lead Consultant, ENVISION President dynamic presenter, and author.

Payment Methods and Cancellation/Refund Policy: Payment can be made by purchase order (PO) or check to TMI Education, LLC. Please mail all correspondence, including purchase orders, checks and agreements to TMI Education – PLC Division at PO Box 922, Madison, NJ 07940. If you are unable to attend a program for which you have registered, email the TMI PLC at [email protected] or call seven (7) days prior to the program to request a refund. No refunds will be granted unless notification is provided within this time frame. TMI Education reserves the right to cancel events for any reason, including inclement weather and instructor illness. If TMI Education makes the decision to cancel a workshop, we will use the EMAIL contact information you have provided to us to inform you. In addition, we will post the announcement of cancellation on the respective TMI Education website event page. If TMI Education cancels, participants will be provided a choice of:

  • a full refund;
  • transfer to another, upcoming workshop date and location (space permitting); or
  • credit toward a future workshop. (Please note that all credits expire one (1) year from the date that they are issued.)

Video-Recorded Virtual (Zoom) Sessions and Tips to Maintain your Privacy during a Recorded Session:  As an added value, all virtually-delivered programs are video recorded and accessible to our workshop registrants and Professional Learning Consortium Members subsequent to the session. Therefore, each virtually-delivered workshop and webinar will now have Zoom’s Recording Disclaimer enabled by default. With this feature, attendees will receive a notification when a recording starts or if they join a session that is already being recorded. The participant can then consent to stay in the session and be recorded or choose to leave the session altogether.

Tips to Maintain your Privacy during a Virtually-Delivered Session: Actively engaging in Zoom sessions is important. Participants may have concerns, however, of a Zoom session recording capturing their participation. Meeting hosts or instructors are taking steps to minimize this concern. In addition to the consent, participants can also use the following steps and features to take control of what is shared when a session is being recorded.

  • Change your participant name displayed in Zoom (e.g. only use your first name, replace your name)
  • Disable your video
  • Mute your audio
  • Do not communicate via the chat feature
  • Do not upload an identifiable profile photo

Please refer to Zoom’s Attendee Controls for more information on how to use these features.



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