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Allison Cyr
My name is Allison Cyr and I am 32 years old. After high school I attended University of Redlands where I earned my BA in Sociology/Anthropology and my teaching credential. While working on my BA, at the age of 20, I found out I was a match and subsequently donated one of my kidneys to a former high school teacher. Thereafter, I earned two masters: Masters of Science in Education from California Baptist University and a Masters of Arts in Educational Administration from Concordia University – Irvine. I was awarded Riverside County Teacher of the Year for 2021 and went on to become one of five teachers chosen out of 295,000 to represent California as the 2021 California Teacher of the Year. I teach my students four core values: time, failing forward, vulnerability, and compassion. I focus those core values toward my nonprofit, Twenty4Change, where I teach students that they are capable of producing the change our world needs.