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Bobby Carlton
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"Bobby Carlton is the Director of Immersive Learning for Ready Learner One LLC. Bobby Carlton is the Director of Immersive Learning for Ready Learner One LLC. He studied photojournalism at SUNY Albany because he wanted to use an image to tell a story, which is the foundation of AR and VR. Digital content can be used to supercharge the storytelling experience, and provides layers of information that is otherwise impossible in the real world.

In 2016, Bobby took on the role of Director of the Virtual Learning Project for the Masie Center, working directly with Elliott Masie on the exploration of the impact AR and VR have on corporate learning. From that experience, Bobby went on to publish with the Masie Center, STRIVR, InSync Training, and AIXR, and judge, since 2018, for the annual VR Awards held in London.
Employing his expertise in AR and VR for the corporate learning space, Bobby regularly partners with multiple global organizations on their AR and VR strategies, and serves as a regular guest on the UK’s nationally syndicated radio program TalkSport as their technology expert."

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Immersive Realities: The Basics of AR and VR in the Classroom On-demand