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Lily Howard Scott
Lily Howard Scott is an educator who is deeply committed to weaving social and emotional learning (SEL) throughout all areas of literacy curricula. She received her MS.Ed in Teaching Literacy and Childhood General Education from Bank Street College of Education, where she now teaches in the Continuing Professional Studies department. For nearly 10 years, Lily taught elementary school in both private and public settings, and at heart she’ll always identify as a third grade teacher.

Lily believes that social, emotional, and academic learning are inextricably linked: students who feel uniquely known and valued at school are able to take the risks that inspire meaningful learning. She has led professional development for educators around the country on topics including cultivating emotional literacy through reading and writing instruction, normalizing vulnerability in the classroom, and helping children identify and celebrate their unique strengths. She was a featured speaker at the 2019 Collaborative for Social, Emotional, and Academic Learning (CASEL) SEL Exchange, and her writing about the importance of a flexible, child-centered approach to teaching and learning has been published in The Washington Post.