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Scott Jamieson
Scott Jamieson has spent 17 years as a teacher and administrator in international schools primarily in the Middle East and China. He holds Masters degrees in Education, Educational Leadership, and Special Education. He is a math nerd who is passionate about sustainable development, social justice and impact-driven education. This led him to join Inspire Citizens in December 2020. Inspire Citizens is an independent educational organization working with diverse partners to reimagine schools as thriving community centers of transformative learning. With Inspire Citizens, Scott works with schools, teachers and students to view learning through the lens of Empathy to Impact and allow students to leverage transformative learning to have an impact in their local and global communities. He is also the host of the Empathy to Impact podcast that focuses on learning from a student perspective and features students who are taking ownership of their learning and having an impact in their communities. Another area of focus is Inspire Citizens Futures Media where he works with student journalists, storytellers and artists to published credible work and information, capture underrepresented stories and voices, amplify imagination and take systemic action for sustainable development and equity through themes of harmony with nature, circular economics, social justice, holistic wellness and humane technology.