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Math Warm-Ups for the Elementary Classroom (K-6): Building Numeracy Activities


Join Jacqueline Arturi, TMI Lead Consultant and Elementary STEM Specialist, for an engaging and practical workshop focused on developing dynamic instructional warm-up routines that foster strong numeracy skills among students. Math Warm-Ups for the Elementary Classroom (K-6): Building Numeracy Activities is designed to empower educators with creative strategies to kickstart each math lesson with enthusiasm, ignite critical thinking, and build a strong foundation in mathematics.

Workshop Highlights:

  • Understanding Math Warm-Ups:
    • Explore the significance of math warm-up activities in setting a positive tone for the lesson, priming students' minds, and reinforcing key mathematical concepts.
  • Designing Effective Numeracy Activities:
    • Learn how to craft engaging and age-appropriate numeracy activities that align with your curriculum objectives. Discover various formats, such as puzzles, quick problem-solving tasks, and mental math challenges.
  • Cultivating Critical Thinking:
    • Delve into strategies that encourage students to think critically, analyze patterns, and solve problems efficiently, all within the short timeframe of a warm-up exercise.
  • Adapting to Different Levels:
    • Explore how to tailor numeracy activities to accommodate diverse skill levels within the classroom. Discover ways to challenge advanced students while providing support to those who need it.
  • Interactive Group Warm-Ups:
    • Engage in collaborative warm-up activities that promote teamwork, communication, and peer learning. Experience firsthand how group dynamics can enhance numeracy skills.
  • Integrating Technology:
    • Explore how technology tools can enhance math warm-up routines. Learn about interactive apps and online resources that add an exciting dimension to numeracy activities.
  • Quick Assessment Insights:
    • Discover how math warm-ups can serve as quick formative assessments, providing educators with insights into students' understanding and areas that may need reinforcement.
  • Adopting a Daily Routine:
    • Discuss the benefits of incorporating math warm-ups as a consistent daily routine. Understand how these routines can improve overall math performance over time.
  • Incorporating Real-World Context:
    • Learn how to infuse warm-up activities with real-world scenarios and practical applications, enhancing students' appreciation for the relevance of math in everyday life.
  • Creating Customized Warm-Ups:
    • Gain hands-on experience in designing your own math warm-up activities tailored to your students' needs and curriculum goals.

By the end of the TMI's Math Warm-Ups for the Elementary Classroom (K-6): Building Numeracy Activities workshop, participants will be equipped with an array of creative warm-up exercises that promote numeracy skills, critical thinking, and student engagement. Join us as we transform the way math is introduced and start each lesson with a burst of mathematical enthusiasm. Whether you're a seasoned educator or new to the field, this workshop promises practical takeaways to enhance your teaching toolkit.

Audience: All Grade K-6 Mathematics Educators
Instructor: Jacqueline Arturi, TMI Lead Consultant and Elementary STEM Specialist
Delivery Format: Virtual
Date/Times: October 11, 2023; 9 AM-12 PM

About Your Instructor 

Jacqueline Arturi is a lifelong educator, instructional coach, and consultant. More to follow!

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