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Less is More: How One Text Invites TONS of Teaching & Learning, K-8

Literacy, TMI Education-Gravity Goldberg Literacy Alliance

Teachers often wonder about and search for the latest and greatest texts. We ponder which texts to share with students and use in instruction. However, finding, planning, and using a separate text for each subject or lesson can be exhausting- and unintentionally result in instruction that feels disconnected. Instead, let’s reimagine a “less is more” approach to teaching across the day. In this session, we will discuss how to uncover all the teaching opportunities that exist in one book.

Participants will leave feeling prepared to use one text (and sometimes just one page of that text) for almost infinite purposes! Come discover how one text invites teaching and learning in reading, writing, vocabulary, spelling, and grammar.

Audience: All Grade K-8 Teachers, Administrators, Coaches, and Teacher Leaders
Instructor: Pam Koutrakos, TMI/Gravity Goldberg Literacy Alliance Specialist and Lead Consultant

Time: 2 hours



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