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Blended Learning in an Infused Classroom

Innovative Practice, Remote-Hybrid Instruction

In this session, we will unpack the pedagogy that supports blended learning and highlight student examples. We will unpack how we as educators can activate student curiosity, help them manage their own learning, allow them to apply and demonstrate knowledge and better reflect on their learning.  Based on a powerful Hyperdoc with students' examples using Canva and Flipgrid.

Session Objectives: 

  • Understand the new digital pedagogies

  • See how blended learning can be done to inspire learning.

Presenter: Holly Clark is an education thought-leader, international speaker, best-selling author, and an advocate for students. She is a twenty-plus-year educator who has spent over 15 years teaching in a 1:1 classroom and over five years as an administrator in both public and private schools. She holds a master’s degree in Instructional Design and Educational Technology from Columbia University in New York City. Her passion is for helping teachers create classrooms where students want to learn and can become the agents of their own thinking and understanding. She is the author of three books: The Google Infused Classroom, The Chromebook Infused Classroom, and The Microsoft Infused Classroom.

Time: 30 Minutes



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