The Virtual Balanced Literacy Solution (VBLS)

The Virtual Balanced Literacy Solution (VBLS) 

An offering of the TMI Education-Gravity Goldberg Literacy Alliance!



The VBLS harnesses the power and potential of instructional technology resources - and - an opportunity mindset to maintain a Balanced Literacy model with our students, in any context - virtual or in-person.

What is VBLS? The LIteracy Alliance's Virtual Balanced Literacy Solution (VBLS) provides your school/district with a virtually-delivered comprehensive solution, including:

  • sustained, seamless and state-of-the-artprofessional development
  • sustained consultative support
  • practical digital resources

The VBLS will enable your teachers to harness the power and potential of instructional technology to maintain the effective implementation of a Balanced Literacy model in a virtual or physical classroom environment. Additionally, our VBLS provides much-needed support for parents and guardians, therefore serving to enhance and advance the home-school partnership. 

The following provides a summary of the Virtual Balanced Literacy Solution:

For Teachers and Literacy Leaders!

  • Refine and streamline the curriculum
  • Create powerful digital lessons 
  • Develop more student engagement and independence
  • Plan for and execute reasonable schedules that offer some space and time for reflection
  • Use the gradual release of responsibility model 
  • Develop systems for offering students connection and feedback  
  • Use assessment information to differentiate instruction 

For Families!

  • Strategies that parents can use to support independent reading and writing at home 
  • Assessment ideas that parents can use to track progress and communicate with teachers 
  • Resources for additional reading and writing ideas to be used at home 

The Virtual Balanced Literacy Solution Includes!

The VBLS: An Extremely Cost-Effective and Comprehensive Solution at Special Introductory Rates!

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What is the Virtual Balanced Literacy Solution (VBLS)? 

The VBLS provides your school/district with a virtually-delivered comprehensive solution - including professional development, consultative support and digital resources - that will enable your teachers to harness the power and potential of instructional technology to maintain the effective implementation of a Balanced Literacy model in a virtual and/or traditional classroom environment.

2. How are the professional learning and consultative support sessions organized? 

The VBLS includes our comprehensive Best Practices in Balanced Literacy professional development program (5 full-session workshops). Each of these workshops is designed to accommodate a K-12 audience. Additionally, 10 half-day consultative sessions (two (2) for each grade level cluster) are provided to each k/1, 2/3, 4/5 (and 6-8, 9-12 - if desired) grade level clusters. These grade level-based consultative sessions are more specifically intended to support the implementation of balanced literacy, including grade level-specific practices, schedules, resources, etc. Additionally, while it may sound specific, the grade level sessions are not aligned to any one curriculum but more about how an interactive read aloud or strategy lesson might look in a k/1 classroom versus a 4/5 room for example. They are 'standards-aligned' instead of 'program-aligned'. Teachers will be able to apply it to any standards-based curriculum. 

3. Are all of the workshops and consultative sessions delivered virtually? 

Yes, each of the sessions are delivered virtually (synchronously and asynchronously).

4. Is the tech compatible with iPads/Chromebooks/laptops? 

Yes - we are using zoom for our live sessions and google drive for the VBLS Toolkit, so as long as you download those apps you will find the tech to be compatible with any device.

5. Would I be able to obtain a list of the lessons to ensure the curriculum/instructional resources align to ours in some way? 

The lessons are standards-based and strategically created to be broad enough to apply to any curriculum. For example, in a primary video we have a mini-lesson on how to teach inferences around a character's feelings, and in a conference video we show how to set goals for building stamina etc. Additionally, the resources continue to expand, as the needs arise. 

6. What is the cost to subscribe and participate? 

The special 2020-2021 introductory full district rate is: $7500 ($6995 for TMI Consortium members); In-District/Customized Negotiable

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Meet your Literacy Alliance Founders!

Dr. Gravity Goldberg, Gravity Goldberg, LLC Director and Literacy Alliance Co-Founder. 

Gravity is an educational consultant, author and founder of Gravity Goldberg, LLC. While based in the New York / New Jersey metro area, Gravity supports school districts across the country. She specializes in literacy, special education, curriculum, assessment, and learning with technology. Her work ranges from demonstrating lessons and leading workshops on balanced literacy to working with administrators developing curriculum and customizing professional development programs. She works in classrooms from pre-kindergarten through college and in a variety of settings, both urban and suburban.

Dr. Goldberg’s most recent books, Teach Like YourselfTeacher's Toolkit for Independent ReadingWhat Do I Teach Readers Tomorrow? Fiction & Nonfiction (Corwin) and Mindsets & Moves: Strategies That Help Readers Take Charge (Corwin) have been met with great enthusiasm. They have allowed many teachers to make shifts in their practice creating positive impacts for their students. Gravity is co-author of the book, Conferring With Readers: Supporting Each Student’s Growth and Independence (Heinemann). These books show Gravity’s commitment to creating learning environments that are responsive and supportive of students, teachers and leaders alike.

​Dr. Goldberg studied at Boston College and Teachers College, Columbia University, pursuing a doctorate in education in Curriculum and Teaching. Her focus on educational policy, school reform, and literacy education still guide her work to this day. She is certified in Elementary Education, Special Education, and as a Reading Specialist (K-12). Gravity is a certified yoga teacher which allows her to bring elements of yoga to students and teachers, helping them find balance and focus in their work and lives.

Gravity taught in inclusive elementary classrooms, self-contained special education settings, and worked as a reading specialist for pre-K - grade 12. For four years she worked at Teachers College Reading and Writing Project, directed by Lucy Calkins, as a staff developer in classrooms across the country. She led workshops, modeled lessons, and created curricula. In addition, she ran a series of workshops for special educators, led literacy coaching courses, and served as a faculty member at the renowned summer institutes.


Dr. Brian P. Chinni, TMI Education CEO/Founder and Literacy Alliance Co-Founder.

Brian has served the educational profession for 30 years as a teacher, school principal, district-level administrator, university professor, graduate program director, assistant dean, author and entrepreneur/consultant. In 1999, Brian established The Madison Institute (TMI), a New Jersey-based educational consultant and professional development firm serving K-12, higher education, and government agencies, both at home and abroad. Since its inception, TMI, under Brian’s leadership, has been integrally involved in many important federal- and state-wide educational collaborative initiatives with the New Jersey Department of Education, many national state-based Superintendents, Principals and Supervisors Associations, countless school districts and consortia throughout the state and the northeast, institutions of higher learning, and international ministries of education. In 2008, Brian joined Ramapo College of NJ (RCNJ) as the leading developer and Director of the Master of Arts in Educational Leadership (MAEL) program, and professor of Educational Leadership. He currently serves as RCNJ Assistant Dean of Teacher Education/Certification Program and MAEL Program Director, CEO/Founder of TMI Education, and the Co-Founder of the TMI Education-Gravity Goldberg Literacy Alliance.

Brian has extensive expertise, professional experience, and a passion for educational leadership, organizational strategic visioning and planning, and authentic-based assessment, teaching and learning. 

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