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The Virtual Classroom Series

Brought to you in partnership with Ready Learner One!

With last year's unexpected and accelerated transition to remote learning, there is no doubt we were all faced with challenges to maintain educational standards - due to the lack of resources, knowledge, and motivation that came with unexpected remote learning.

That's why TMI Education and Ready Learner One are collaborating to provide you and your colleagues with countless professional development opportunities specific to remote learning. Our entire new set of workshops/events are created to provide educators of all grade levels, subjects, and areas of expertise, professional development opportunities that offer new knowledge, resources, and strategies guaranteed to equip you and your colleagues with countless tools/methods for remote teaching - to ensure our students are receiving an equal (or better) education as they would in a traditional school year!


Series 1: The Virtual Classroom 1.0


Series 2: The Virtual Classroom 2.0


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The Virtual Balanced Literacy Solution (VBLS)

A Unique Offering From TMI Education & Gravity Goldberg, LLC


What is the Virtual Balanced Literacy Solution (VBLS)? 

The VBLS provides your school/district with a virtually-delivered comprehensive solution - including professional development workshops, consultative support and digital resources - that will enable your teachers to harness the power and potential of instructional technology to maintain the effective implementation of a Balanced Literacy model in a virtual and/or traditional classroom environment.


Start the upcoming school year with the Virtual Balanced Literacy Solution (VBLS) to...

  • Refine and streamline the curriculum to fit remote delivery!
  • Create powerful in-person and remote digital lessons! 
  • Develop more student engagement and independence!
  • Plan for and execute reasonable schedules that offer some space and time for reflection!
  • Use the gradual release of responsibility model!
  • Develop systems for providing students connections and feedback!  
  • Use assessment information to differentiate instruction!


** Discounted rates available for Consortium and Literacy Alliance Members!


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