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The TMI-RL1 Partnership: Promoting Emergent Technology Practices to Foster Innovative Teaching & Learning

TMI Education strategic partner, Ready Learner One, LLC, is a provider of innovative solutions for teaching and learning. Experts in the field of emergent technology, the Ready Learner One team provides a wealth of knowledge and training around adopting emergent technologies to strengthen instructional practices and diversify the learning experience. From augmented and virtual reality to esports and artificial intelligence, the Ready Learner One team offers strategies for educators to leverage these technologies to meaningfully and impactfully engage learners. Offering hands-on learning where participants can expect to leave the sessions with not only strategies in their pockets but also a deep understanding of how to navigate the tools and resources shared, these sessions are sure to engage and inspire educators from all grades and content areas. Visit the Ready Learning One Blog today for exciting, practical and easy to implement remote teaching and learning tools, resources and tutorials, including the following...

Virtual Field Trip Resources

Engaging Remote Instructional Tools

Augmented and Virtual Reality - Ideas and Applications for the Remote Classroom

History, Geography and World Culture Virtual Tools

And More!


The TMI-ENVISION Partnership: Social-Emotional (SEL) Learning At-Home Resources

Lesson 1: Words of Gratitude - Lockdown Poem

Lesson 2: Let Your Heart be Your Guide: A Protocol to Shift from Fear to Awareness

Lesson 3: Ultimate Pillow Fort

Image icon RL1-Logo.png PDF icon Parent Resource - Lesson 1 (Lockdown Poem).pdf PDF icon Parent Resource - Lesson 2 (Let Your Heart...).pdf PDF icon Parent Resource - Lesson 3 (Pillow Fort).pdf