Project ABLE School and Curriculum Renewal

Reimagine Learning...the Time is Now!

Join the Project ABLE Transformation.

Project ABLE's vision is to build personalized, engaged learning environments to ensure our student's success. Let's face it, today's students are disengaged with traditional "industrial age" schooling. Kids today are different. Fundamentally and neurologically different. They experience the world around them much differently from the generations that now lead and teach them. The time is NOW to move past the rhetoric and make meaningful change across the entire school landscape.

We need to get the student involved in helping us create learning environments that work for them. This means we need to change the culture and mindset of schools. We need to effect change readiness. We need to throw out 150 years of teaching paradigms. We need to use effective data to understand where a school organization is in order to help get it there. We need to create an environment of authentic, dynamic learning. We need to change static, turn-key and irrelevant assessment models and create authentic assessment models. 

The transformation all starts with a simple click. To learn more, take a brief journey through our two informational documents below to see what all the buzz is about, and learn how you can get!

Join Ian, Brian, Glenn, Nicky and the fast-growing number of schools that are committed to the Project ABLE mission!  To learn more about our mission and how to participate, read our Project ABLE eBook


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