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Nicole Butler-Hooton
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"Nicole Butler-Hooton is a has taught 2nd grade for 15 years at Irving Elementary in the Bethel School District in Eugene, Oregon. She was recently awarded the honor and title of the 2021 Oregon Teacher of the Year and is the first Indigenous Teacher in Oregon to receive this recognition. She is a member of the Confederated Tribes of Siletz Indians- Chetco Band (Oregon) and the San Carlos Apache Tribe (Arizona).

Nicole is a first generation college graduate who places a high value on making connections with students, families and the school community while centering equity and cultural competency in her teaching. Further, she is committed to the values of family, friendship, community, and growth, both in and outside of her classroom. Nicole strongly believes that Indigenous children need to have access to a more truthful education that allows them to realize their Indigenous self identity, language, and culture through accurate representation in their lives"


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