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Provide your organization with staff-wide access to 30+ workshops, special events, discounted signature programs, over 500 PD credit hours, innovative resources, and more for an annual fee of only $4950 (Standard Organizational Rate) - less than what you pay for many single-day, in-district presenter fees. 

Wendy Louise Chinni Foundation COVID-19 Relief Fund

Throughout our careers, each of us has encountered that unique student – one who overcomes seemingly insurmountable adversity and obstacles to, ultimately, beat the odds. Wendy is that student. Wendy experienced a childhood of misfortune. Her dad battled the demons of alcohol, failed in his responsibilities as a father, and left Wendy and her seven siblings when she was too young even to form memories of him. Wendy's mom struggled to care for her eight children and eventually put her in the hands of the orphanages of Catholic Charities. Wendy made the most of her time in and out of the orphanages and foster homes and, ultimately, overcame her misfortunes - in large part, by turning to books. Despite all of her tribulations, Wendy was given the precious gift of reading from her teachers – a gift that she would value for a lifetime. 

Through books, Wendy would travel the world, dream her many dreams, dine with the rich and famous, satisfy her curiosities, and accrue infinite knowledge. A voracious reader, Wendy would eventually earn a high school diploma, yet, she never had the opportunity to attend college. However, Wendy's intellect was not measured by degrees decorating her wall, but rather, the stacks of books that donned her coffee table. She would carry conversations on topics from the Ottoman Empire to FDR – and hold her own with the best of historians, and challenge the best of NY Times crossword enthusiasts. While others around her gazed at television screens, Wendy immersed herself in the pages of Pearl S. Buck's The Good Earth and Charlotte Bronte's Jane Eyre.

Ultimately, Wendy instilled in her four children the importance of education – more specifically, the priceless value of our public education system. It is 30 years now since I packed my chalk and took my first step in a public school classroom - as a teacher. And, it is Wendy's story – like the unique story of every student that I have encountered along this 30-year journey - that continues to motivate me and bring purpose and meaning to my work in education. 

While Wendy encountered and, ultimately, overcame many seemingly insurmountable challenges throughout her storied life, sadly, she would lose her courageous battle to the coronavirus on April 18, 2020. Just as she dedicated much of her life, Wendy would want her legacy to serve in support of those in need. To this end, 10% of all 2020-2021 TMI Professional Learning Consortium membership fees will be dedicated to supporting COVID-19 relief in our local educational community. 

  • Apply for Organizational Membership by June 1, 2020 (extended) and pay only $4450 (standard rate $4950)! 
  • Professional Pairs Membership available for 2020-21! Apply by June 1, 2020 (extended) and pay only $1850 standard rate $2150)!
  • Individual Membership available for 2020-21! Apply by June 1, 2020 (extended) and pay only $1450 (standard rate - $1650)! 
  • Please ask about our Customized TMI PLC School and District Memberships! 

What are the 2020-2021 TMI PLC member benefits and program offerings? Over the years TMI has engaged in countless collaborative initiatives and strategic partnerships with prominent organizations, institutions and individuals, so as to provide cutting edge, state-of-the-art consortium-based programs. This extensive collection includes, but is not limited to:

  • Foundation of Educational Administration (FEA)
  • NJ Principals and Supervisors Association (NJPSA) and its affiliate, Bergen County PSA
  • Bergen County Association of School Administrators (BCASA)
  • NJ Department of Education
  • NJ Association of Supervision and Curriculum Development (NJ ASCD)
  • NJ Performance Assessment Alliance (NJPAA) 
  • Gravity Goldberg, LLC
  • Ready Learner One
  • EP Educators
  • InfoSavvy Group
  • Springboard 21 Educational Solutions
  • Ministries of Education
  • Internationally renowned keynoters, authors, keynoters and scholarly experts - Ian Jukes, Gravity Goldberg, James Stronge, Tony Wagner and Ted Dintersmith, Jimmy Casas, Grant Wiggins, and many more!

We are proud to announce more exciting collaborative programs, webinars, events, conferences and initiatives for 2020/21. To this end, the 2020-2021 TMI PLC will provide its members access to 1) 30+ single-day workshops, 2) numerous collaborative organizational events and conferences, including the annual iSTEAM Con, 3) innovative resources, and 4) discounted in-district programs and services. You can learn more about these exciting offerings in the information that follows!

A Unique Professional Development Experience. Our programs offer engaging and practical professional development experiences in support of best-in-class instruction, educational leadership and special needs initiatives. Specifically, our workshops promote authentic-based, best-practice instruction across all content areas - language arts/literacy, mathematics, science, social studies; provide best-practice techniques, tools and resources to meet the needs of all learners; as well as training and development for educational leaders in support of school law, mentoring and coaching, mindfulness and nurturing positive learning environments, and more. 

The TMI PLC Membership - Extremely Cost Effective. Your District's TMI PLC Membership provides a comprehensive professional development solution. 2020-2021 package includes the following member benefits:

  • Minimum of five (5) organizational members may attend each and any of the 30+ 2020-2021 TMI-PLC workshop offerings - who attends is entirely up to you!
  • Additional faculty and/or administration can register at the special rate of $99 - a $50 savings (Non-PLC rate is $149+)!
  • Significant discounted rates for all In-district Customized Programs - for more information go to Consultative Services!
  • And more!

Partnerships with Prominent Organizations, Authors, Scholars and Consultants - NJPSA/FEA, LEGAL ONE, NJ CEC, ENVISION, Gravity Goldberg, LLC, Springboard 21, InfoSavv21 Group, and More! The workshops we provide you benefit from our strategic partnerships and collaboratives with prominent educational organizations, educators, authors, keynoters and consultants in the field including:

  • ENVISION: Breakthroughs in Learning
  • Gravity Goldberg, LLC (Literacy Alliance)
  • NJ CEC
  • Ready Learner One
  • InfoSavvy21 Group
  • Springboard21 
  • Mindfulness at Ramapo College
  • And more!

A Beautiful Venue Conducive for Professional Learning. All of our TMI PLC programs are held at state-of-the-art facilities nestled in the hills of Mahwah, NJ.  

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