Eye Read! Improving Functional Vision to Increase Student Learning (No Cost for TMI PLC Members)


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Eye Read! Improving Functional Vision to Increase Student Learning

An offering of the TMI/Envision Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) Series 

There is a GLARING problem with your reading interventions - do you know what that is?  Hint: it isn’t anything cognitive.  It is physiological and its name is FUNCTIONAL VISION!

Ask any reading specialist/interventionist and they will tell you that they notice these difficulties all the time, but feel unprepared to do anything about it - except for refer the student out to a developmental ophthalmologist or a particularly savvy physical therapist.  WE can deliver the simple exercises to fix this critical deficit and it’s time we did! Our underserved learners deserve nothing less!

Good to Know:  Eyesight is your ability to see objects clearly and the technical term for it is visual acuity.  Visual acuity is a measurement of what size letter you can see at the standard distance of 20 feet. Normal visual acuity is 20/20.  (Fun fact: The chart used for acuity was developed in 1862 - before the lightbulb!)

Functional vision encompasses more than just eyesight. It’s how you use your entire visual system -- the eyes, the brain, the visual pathways -- to work together to help you interact with your environment.  Because functional vision includes more than just your visual acuity, you can actually have 20/20 eyesight and still have a functional vision problem.

Focus on Facts: According to COVD, one in ten children have a vision problem significant enough to impact learning. These children appear to have a learning disability or an attention problem when the real culprit is poor visual processing skills. 

Your attendance in this lively, eye-opening (no pun intended!) workshop, will entitle you to:

  • Correct functional vision problems
  • Assess risk factors for vision-based learning problems
  • Determine if the weakness is physiological or cognitive
  • Provide crucial exercises to improve functional vision skills

Good to Know: The protocols are designed to be compatible with a tiered system of supports at either Level II or III or during a “WIN” (Whatever I Need) period.

Audience: All PK-12 Educators
Instructor: Sharon McCarthy, EnVision President and TMI Lead Consultant
Location: Ramapo College of NJ; Trustees Pavilion - Room 1

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  • a full refund;
  • transfer to another, upcoming workshop date and location (space permitting); or
  • credit toward a future workshop. (Please note that all credits expire one (1) year from the date that they are issued.)


Monday, November 11, 2019 - 09:00 to 10:00
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Ramapo College of NJ - Mahwah, NJ
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K-12 General