Establishing an Empowering School Culture for All (No cost for TMI PLC Members)

Establishing an Empowering School Culture for All 

Peter Drucker confirmed that “Culture eats strategy for breakfast.”  Or, in other words, programs don’t improve schools – people do. 

We are not saying that strategy is unimportant – rather that a powerful and empowering culture is a surer route to aligning the core beliefs, behaviors and shared values that determine a school’s success than your detailed five year plan. Our experience with the pandemic was an opportunity to realize, first and foremost that which is essential - that a positive, reassuring culture is about connections - strong and overlapping interactions among all members of the school community.   It was also an opportunity to remind ourselves of the skills students and ourselves need in this unpredictable world such as informed decision making, creative problem solving, and perhaps above all, adaptability. To ensure those skills remain a priority for each student, your school’s culture must create and sustain learning spaces where each individual can grow and take risks.   Send us your School Safety Team members, School Leaders, Climate and Culture Specialists, Teacher Leaders, SEL Teachers & Coaches and any other members of a school that are interested in school improvement. Culture is the “way we do things around here”.  Culture indoctrinates new hires.  Let that last sentence sink in…   If your goal is to create schools that mirror your core values and to which folks want to belong, please join us to exercise your influence. 

Participants in this motivating, interactive session will enjoy the ability to: 

  • assess and establish trust and rapport on an individual and group basis;
  • learn and practice the language of respect and resolution;
  • discover innumerable ways to recognize and celebrate successes;
  • practice a conflict resolution tool; and
  • align actions and behaviors in a common and agreed upon direction.

Audience: All Grade PK-12 Administrators and Teachers
Instructor: Sharon McCarthy, EnVision President and TMI Lead Consultant and SEL Specialist
Location: Ramapo College of NJ; Trustees Pavilion - Room 2

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  • transfer to another, upcoming workshop date and location (space permitting); or
  • credit toward a future workshop. (Please note that all credits expire one (1) year from the date that they are issued.)


Thursday, February 25, 2021 - 09:00 to 14:00
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Ramapo College of NJ - Mahwah, NJ
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K-12 General