Bring It!™: A 24/7 Solution for Brain-Compatible Wellness,Teaching and Learning

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What is Bring It™?

Dr. Jim Gamble Bring It™Lead Program Developer - CLICK HERE!

Q: What makes the Bring It!™ program unique?
A: Bring It!™ provides educators with 24/7 access to brain compatible teaching strategies and resources. It also provides ongoing virtual support in a variety of formats.

Q: What is the driving purpose of Bring It!™?
A: All too often we make critical decisions about teaching and learning in the absence of the best practice research that informs how the brain learns. TMI believes that all curricular and instructional decisions must reflect brain-based research.  Therefore, it is equally essential that we provide you with the professional development experiences, tools and ongoing support necessary for performing your best across all learning environments.

Q: Why is the Bring It!™ solution needed?
A: The Covid-19 global pandemic has placed a tremendous challenge upon effective teaching and learning. Additionally, it has forced us to immediately reinvent schooling. Given such, teachers have been forced to adjust and adapt their craft within a very different, uniquely challenging  and uncertain context - one that we may have imagined, yet never thought would be our reality. To this end, it is essential that educators receive the right support that will effectively mitigate these unprecedented hardships that have been imposed upon our professional and personal practice, both now and in the future.

Q: What are the major program components of the Bring It!™ solution?
A: The Bring It!™ solution is comprised of an effective blend of asynchronous and synchronous components. The asynchronous component provides participants with "anytime, anywhere" access to brain-compatible teaching strategies designed to ensure effective instruction at all levels and across all learning environments - physical, virtual and hybrid.  

The synchronous component provides participants with live/scheduled one-on-one and small group virtual conferences that allow for easy-access, sustained and embedded professional learning opportunities, and exchange of best-practice ideas and information. Additionally, informal weekly virtual chats among  participants are provided to help reduce the inherent anxiety and stress.

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The following interactive presentations and resources will provide you with a glimpse into the Bring It!™ solution:

  • Bring It!™ Invitation and Overview: Dr. Jim Gamble, Bring It!™ Lead Program Developer and Consultant - CLICK HERE! 
  • Bring It!™ Sample No. 1: BPL™ Checkpoint Protocols - CLICK HERE!
  • Bring It!™ Sample No. 2: BPL™ Checkpoint Protocols - CLICK HERE!



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