The 2020-2021 Virtual Balanced Literacy Solution: Achieve an Optimal Balanced Literacy Program!


TMI Education & Gravity Goldberg presents...

The Virtual Balanced Literacy Solution (VBLS)

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What is VBLS? The LIteracy Alliance's Virtual Balanced Literacy Solution (VBLS) is specifically designed to be extremely beneficial for both the current and post-pandemic contexts. The unfortunate and unprecedented  circumstances have forced us to reimagine how we can provide sustained, seamless and state-of-the-art professional learning. The VBLS will enable literacy practitioners to effectively implement a balanced literacy program in fully remote, traditional and hybrid (i.e., "flipped classroom") format. Additionally, our VBLS provides support for parents and guardians, therefore serving to enhance and advance the home-school partnership.      

Start the upcoming school year with the Virtual Balanced Literacy Solution (VBLS) to help you...


  • Refine and streamline the curriculum!
  • Create powerful in-person and remote digital lessons! 
  • Develop more student engagement and independence!
  • Plan for and execute reasonable schedules that offer some space and time for reflection!
  • Use the gradual release of responsibility model!
  • Develop systems for providing students connections and feedback!  
  • Use assessment information to differentiate instruction!


Irresistible Cost-Effective Rates!

  • District Subscription Fee (available to all district faculty and administration): $7500 ($6995 for Literacy Alliance and TMI Consortium members)
  • Individual School Subscription Fee (available to all school faculty and administration): $2950 ($2450 for Literacy Alliance and TMI Consortium members) 



Click here to visit our official VBLS website for more information!