2019-2020 PLC Feedback

2020-2021 Workshop Feedback


Don’t believe us? Listen to what your fellow colleagues and educators said about our 2020-2021 workshops!


After attending a TMI Education workshop, each attendee is required to anonymously complete a survey that offers an evaluation and feedback regarding their overall experience. Each attribute listed below is rated on a scale from 1-4,  1-Poor, to 4-Excellent. The averages amongst all (thousands!) attendees for all (dozens!) 2020-2021 workshops are as follows:


The facilitator was knowledgeable about the topic.

Average: 3.919915163

The facilitator's presentation style was effective in helping me learn.

Average: 3.864483166

The session activities were appropriate.

Average: 3.867003532

The session activities promoted active engagement.

Average: 3.858535646

The resources/materials provided will be useful to me.

Average: 3.816885354

I understood the information and concepts presented in the session.

Average: 3.866375856

I will be able to apply the knowledge and skills I gained in my own school/district.

Average: 3.828100471


Still not convinced? Read what your fellow Colleagues & Educators described TMI Education’s 2020-2021 workshops!


“Hands-on opportunity and what to apply in the classroom here and now.”


“Very informative and enjoyable. Going back to my classroom with tools/strategies I can implement immediately! Excellent presenter!”


“Excellent workshop. Great ideas for adapting, multiple suggestions for how to implement, but consistent and aligned with each other. Very interesting and informative!”


“Best conference I have ever attended!”


And so on...